Tsukipro unveil details on Ayumu Tachibana’s “aquamarine×citrine”

Tsukipro unveiled the first details on Ayumu Tachibana‘s entry in the 2nd bi-color series.

Tachibana Ayumu-aquamarine×citrine- (立花 歩-aquamarine×citrine-) is scheduled to be released on 31/01/2020.

Ayumu Tachibana (CV: Taito Ban) and Naosuke Oyama (CV: Tsubasa Sasa) are featured in this release.

The release features the solo track 月下美人 (Getsuka Bijin) and the duet track バイバイBoring Days!! (Bye Bye Boring Days!!).

More details on this release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.

Tachibana Ayumu-aquamarine×citrine- is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

VAZZROCK bi-color Series 2nd Season / Ayumu Tachibana (Taito Ban) & Naosuke Oyama (Tsubasa Sasa)
Ayumu Tachibana (Taito Ban) & Naosuke Oyama (Tsubasa Sasa)

Source: VAZZROCK official website / Official twitter account