Tsukipro to wait for Yuichiro Umehara, SolidS to halt promotions until he recovers

SolidS (Natsuki Hanae, Soma Saito, Takuya Eguchi and Yuichiro Umehara) in 2018

Tsukipro has news about Yuichiro Umehara‘s future with SolidS.

Tsukipro released a statement today on their official website (link below) regarding Yuichiro Umehara‘s future with SolidS (voices and performs as Dai Murase) since the unit’s debut in 2015.

@ S.Q.P 2017

According to Tsukipro, SolidS will halt promotions – unit CDs and the ongoing “RE:START” series included – after their performance at TSUKIPRO LIVE 2018 SUMMER CARNIVAL (that Umehara won’t be attending).

The unit will wait for Yuichiro Umehara‘s recovery, and only after that they’ll resume their activities. Until then all releases are “undecided” for release. Tsukipro will notify fans when SolidS‘ are back in full force and the scheduled releases return to normality. They ask SolidS‘ fans to understand the situation, and to pray for Umehara’s recovery. At the same time, they mentioned that there won’t be changes to the releases by the other SQ unit, QUELL.

Tsukipro’s decision was well received by Umehara‘s fans, with most thanking them for not recasting Dai Murase (a fear that was looming over this franchise after the streak of recasts for his roles in the current and upcoming Summer and Fall seasons).

This isn’t the first time that Tsukipro/movic comes forward with a statement like this. Similar thing happened in 2017 with Yoshimasa Hosoya in which Tsukipro mentioned that they wouldn’t be replacing Hosoya (part of Six Gravity) while he was recovering from an intervention to his vocal chords.

A reminder that earlier last month, Umehara was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system. Umehara will continue on indefinite hiatus until further notice.

For those that want to send him some words of support, you can use the address below (as it is) that Arts Vision will then sort the mail and hand it to Umehara himself.

The address is the following:

1-14-3 Yoyogi
Shibuya, Tokyo

Letters sent to this address are going to reach Arts Vision and then sent to Umehara. You can write in English and Japanese (although it’s advised to write in Japanese as Umehara is not fluent in English). You’re allowed to send fan art, drawings (as long as not offensive or NSFW). A reminder that mail bigger than a normal letter won’t be handed to him (for security reasons).

We continue to wish Yuichiro Umehara a swift and complete recovery.

Source:  Tsukipro official website / Tsukipro official twitter account

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