Tsukipro release highlight medley for Issa Kizuku’s “ruby x emerald”

Issa Kizuku’s entry in the 2nd season of the Bi-color series arrives with a bang.

Kizuku Issa-ruby×emerald- (築一紗-ruby×emerald-) is scheduled to be released on 18/10/2019. Issa Kiduku (CV: Masahiro Yamanaka) and Reiji Amaha (CV: Takuya Sato) are featured in this release.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1 - ドラマ「He is sexy.」 
2 - ドラマ「Would you like to eat dinner together?」 
4 - No Instruction (performed by Masahiro Yamanaka and Takuya Sato)
5 - GAN GAN TRAVEL -off vocal- 
6 - No Instruction -off vocal-

A highlight medley is out.

Kiduku Issa -saphire×ruby- is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

"VAZZROCK" bi-color Series 2nd Season / Issa Kizuku (Masahiro Yamanaka) & Reiji Amaha (Takuya Sato)
Issa Kizuku (Masahiro Yamanaka) & Reiji Amaha (Takuya Sato)

Source: VAZZROCK official website / Official twitter account