Tsukipro release digest video of infinit0’s debut event

TSUKIPRO released a digest video of infinit0‘s 1st event.

infinit0 (read infinito zero) is the name of TSUKIPRO’s new group. infinit0 is a unit that was originally from Tsukipro but was suspended indefinitely. After both members sought out new possibilities for them, they decided to form a new unit and debut once more under TSUKIPRO.

infinit0 counts with a seiyuu Hinata Tadokoro and seiyuu/actor Mizuki Chiba.

The duo attended a special event on 18/06/2019. infinit0 made their debut in July with the mini-album 0(ゼロ). For more details on that release, please refer to THIS article.

A digest video of the event, including talk and performance corners, is out.

Sources: Infinit0 Official twitter account