Tsukipro release cover art for “Dear Dreamer,”


Tsukipro unveiled the cover art for SolidSQUELL, SOARA & Growth‘s takes on Dear Dreamer,.

Dear Dreamer,, song that was released as the ending theme for the last episode of TSUKIPRO the animation, anime that aired in the fall season in 2018, is going to be released however, in group versions.

Dear Dreamer, is going to be released on 28/08/2020, available in 4 editions: Ver. SOARA, Ver. SolidS, Ver. Growth and Ver. QUELL.

The cover art is the following for each edition:

Growth version
SolidS Dear Dreamer,
SolidS version
QUELL version

Each version will count with the performance of Dear Dreamer, by the respective group in that CD.

The tracklist is exactly the same for all editions:

1 - Dear Dreamer,
2 - Dear Dreamer, -off vocal-

4 previews – one for each group – are out. Make sure to check those out below.

According to Movic, a part of the sales of this CD (4 versions) is going to be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society, which is making efforts to prevent new Coronavirus infections in the country.

On another note: Tsukipro announced that the 2nd season of TSUKIPRO the animation is in production.

Dear Dreamer,‘s 4 group versions are available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: Tsukipro anime official website