TSUKIPRO announces special live event for 2018

TSUKIPRO announced this week a new live event for the franchise is going to take place next year.

TSUKIPRO LIVE 2018 is going to be held, like the name mentions in 2018, and is going to be the first ever live event that will count with all 4 units performing. All members of SolidS, QUELL, GROWTH and SOARA are set to attend this special live event.

TSUKIPRO LIVE 2018 is being advertised as a “real live” show rather than variety + live show like in previous events.

Fans will have the opportunity to participate on a lottery – provided that they purchase one of the first two volumes of the anime series – to win tickets to the event. Vol.1 includes a ticket to participate on the lottery for the day event. Vol. 2 includes a ticket to participate on the lottery for the night event.

SOURCE: TSUKIPRO ANIMATION official twitter account