Tsukipro announce projects for 2019

Tsukipro announced today their plans for 2019. New music and a second season of Tsukiuta’s anime are just some of the things planned for the coming year.

Tsukipro announced through their official twitter account a series of projects for the coming year. Here’s the breakdown:

Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION renewed for 2nd season

Following yesterday’s announcement of a new series of CDs for the Tsukiuta franchise – that was inactive for almost 2 years – Tsukipro announced today that the second season of Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION is in production. There is no set date for the new season’s premiere.

SQ and ALIVE: CARDS and Neo X Lied series

SQ (SolidS and QUELL) and ALIVE (Growth and SOARA) are back in 2019 for two new CD series.

The first one is the CARDS series. For this CD series, each group from SQ and ALIVE will represent two of the suits in  a deck of cards. The suits for each group are the following:


  • Volume 1 – SOARA (CLUB)
  • Volume 2 – Growth (DIAMOND)
  • Volume 3 – SOARA (HEART)
  • Volume 4 – Growth  (SPADE)


  • Volume 1 – QUELL (CLUB)
  • Volume 2 – SolidS (DIAMOND)
  • Volume 3 – QUELL (HEART)
  • Volume 4 – SolidS  (SPADE)

Every release in this series is going to count with a total of 4 tracks (2 new songs + respective instrumentals).

The second series is titled Neo X Lied. The popular X Lied duet series is back. The volumes are organized in the following way:


  • Volume 1 – Sora & Kouki
  • Volume 2 – Morihito & Kensuke
  • Volume 3 – Soushi & Ryota
  • Volume 4 – Ren & Nozomu & Mamoru


  • Volume 1 – Shiki & Issei
  • Volume 2 – Tsubasa & Ichiru
  • Volume 3 – Rikka & Eichi
  • Volume 4 – Dai & Shu

Each volume has a duet song + respective instrumental + 15 minutes worth of drama portion (might be in a single track or split into various tracks).

Finally, a total of 8 drama CDs – 2 for each group – were announced.

VAZZROCK: New series + 2nd season for bi-color and unit song CDs


VAZZROCK kick off their 2nd CD series in 2019. “COLOR” will count with a total of 4 releases. Each group is split into two for this series. The releases are scheduled as follows:

  • Volume 1 – Vazzy – BLUE – (Takaaki, Ouka, Yuma)
  • Volume 2 – ROCK DOWN – RED – (Sho, Haruto, Ruka)
  • Volume 3 – Vazzy – YELLOW – (Issa, Futaba, Naosuke)
  • Volume 4 – ROCK DOWN – GREEN – (Reiji, Ayumu, Gaku)

The bi-color series returns in 2019. bi-color 2nd season counts with a total of 12 releases.

  • Volume 1 – Takaaki (solo + drama + duet with Sho)
  • Volume 2 – Sho (solo + drama + duet with Ouka)
  • Volume 3 – Ouka (solo + drama + duet with Haruto)
  • Volume 4 – Haruto (solo + drama + duet with Issa)
  • Volume 5 – Issa (solo + drama + duet with Reiji)
  • Volume 6 – Reiji (solo + drama + duet with Futaba)
  • Volume 7 – Futaba (solo + drama + duet with Ayumu)
  • Volume 8 – Ayumu (solo + drama + duet with Naosuke)
  • Volume 9 – Naosuke (solo + drama + duet with Gaku)
  • Volume 10 – Gaku (solo + drama + duet with Yuma)
  • Volume 11 – Yuma (solo + drama + duet with Ruka)
  • Volume 12 – Ruka (solo + drama + duet with Takaaki)

The unit song CD series carries over to 2019 for its 2nd season. There are two releases planned:

  • VAZZROCK unit song 03 [VAZZY vol.2]
  • VAZZROCK unit song 04 [ROCK DOWN vol.2]

Tsukipro introduce new unit: infinit0

infinit0 (read infinito zero) is the name of the duo. According to the information on the official website launched today, infinit0 is a unit that was originally from Tsukipro but was suspended indefinitely. After both members sought out new possibilities for them, they decided to form a new unit and debut once more under Tsukipro.

infinit0 counts with a fresh cast that includes seiyuu Hinata Tadokoro and seiyuu/actor Mizuki Chiba. They voice Rei and Roa (respectively).

An introductory video was released.

There were no announcements regarding single releases, instead Tsukipro announced that infinit0 are going to kick off a radio show in 2019 titled “infinito0 radio“.

More details on all these releases are going to be unveiled at a later date. As per usual, THTFHQ will follow closely each of these series.

Sources: Tsukiuta official twitter account / Tsukipro official twitter (1) / infinit0 Official website

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