TsukiPara to end distribution in 2020

Sad news for Tsukiuta and TSUKIPRO’s fans.

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that Tsukino Paradise (best known as TsukiPara) is going to stop distribution on 05/02/2020.

The announcement was made through the game’s official twitter account with no explanation behind the end of distribution, only a thank you to all the fans that have been supporting the game throughout all these years.

The game launched in 2016, featuring Tsukiuta and TSUKIPRO’s groups and betting heavily on its unique rhythm game qualities (i.e sections with different speeds within a song). It features a varied catalogue of tracks that fans can play, some released for free and others  playable after using in-game earned currency to unlock them.

According to Bandai Namco Entertainment, before the game is officially closed, the game’s final event ツキパラ。FINALイベント (Tsukipara. Final Event) is playable.

The game joins Band Yarouze!, Yumeiro Cast, Starry Palette and many other idol/band games that recently stopped distribution.

SOURCE: Tsukipara official twitter account