Tsukino-Pro to shuffle their seiyuu units in new “X Lied” project

xliedTsukino-Pro expanded their power in the music business during the past year with various successful releases. Their major seiyuu units: SolidS, SOARA, GROWTH and the rookies QUELL impressed with their unique performances, making the “Kachofugetsu Hen” series a memorable project that proved to catch the eyes and ears of many people, not only in Japan but overseas.


Now, Tsukino-Pro decided to shake up things a little bit. With that comes their new cross unit project, mixing members from all these groups in a series of releases that will span the whole year.


The new project is titled “X Lied“. Members of SolidS will go up against members of QUELL whereas on the other side, members of SOARA will go against GROWTH. In this cross unit situation, Tsukino-Pro aims at showing the individual talents from everyone among their top four groups, gathering attention to their talented members and units ahead of the anime adaptation‘s first airing (it’s still unknown when will the anime air).


X Lied” will span a total of 8 volumes split into two main groups: SQ (SolidS and QUELL) and ALIVE (SOARA and GROWTH).

The volumes are the following for each side:

SQ (Solids and Quell)

VOL. 1 – Takuya Eguchi (SolidS) vs Shunsuke Takeuchi (QUELL)

VOL. 2 – Soma Saito (SolidS) vs Sho Nogami (QUELL)

VOL. 3 – Natsuki Hanae (SolidS) vs Shugo Nakamura (QUELL)

VOL. 4 – Yuiichiro Umehara (SolidS) vs Koutaro Nishiyama (QUELL)


VOL. 1 – Toshiyuki Toyonaga (SOARA) vs Shunichi Toki (GROWTH)

VOL. 2 – Yuki Ono (SOARA) vs Yoshitaka Yamaya (GROWTH)

VOL. 3 – Makoto Furukawa (SOARA) vs Daiki Yamashita (GROWTH)

VOL. 4 – Taishi Murata (SOARA), Chiharu Sawashiro (SOARA) vs Junta Terashima (GROWTH)

Each volume with have four tracks, 2 solo songs (one for each of the members) and the respective instrumental tracks (ALIVE’s vol.4 will feature 1 duet song and a solo track). More details about each specific release will be unveiled in the following months.

The VOL.1 for each side already have a set date of release (more on that will be unveiled in a following article), the other volumes don’t have any date set.

Be on the lookout for more updates from us!

SOURCE: Tsukino-Pro official website (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

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