Tsukino-Pro to debut a new unit within this year


Tsukino-Pro is on the roll lately. The talent agency home of four of the most unique units at the moment in Japan (SolidS, QUELL, SOARA and GROWTH) is set to debut yet another unit within 2017.

This will be the third unit under Tsukino-Pro‘s Altair Theatre. Alongside Rigel and Regulus, the new unit called Sargas will make its debut.

Sargas is a quintet consisting of Kazuharu Ara, Daichi Ichikawa, Ryou KikuchiTaise Nishino and Eijin Fudemura.

Top (left to right): Kazuharu Ara, Daichi Ichikawa, Ryou Kikuchi // Bottom (left to right): Taise Nishino and Eijin Fudemura

Taking into account that this unit has yet to debut, nothing has been scheduled to release.

SOURCE: Tsukicro official line blog