Toyonaga Toshiyuki “MUSIC OF THE ENTERTAINMENT” – Cover art revealed

toyonaga toshiyuki

Scheduled to be released later this month is Toyonaga Toshiyuki’s first album. Toyonaga, 29, famous as the voice behind Ryuugamine Mikado (Durarara) and Mahiro Fuwa (Zetsuen no Tempest), is going to release the album “MUSIC OF THE ENTERTAINMENT” on 30/04/2014 (the release date was modified from his birthday 28/04 to 30/04).

The cover art has been revealed and is the following:


The album is available in two different editions: regular and limited. More detailed information regarding each edition:

Regular edition

  • Includes 16-page booklet (lyric card)
  • Bonus track not included in limited edition

Limited edition

  • Includes additional CD with 10 new titles
  • 16-page booklet (lyric card)

At the same time the tracklist was revealed and is the following:

1. エンカウンター
2. 永~とこしえ~
3. 月は知っている
4. siren
6. TVゲーム
7. Chase
9. ココロノトビラ
10. ゆめのあと
11. 花 ( re arrangever. )
12. Berceuse
13. Kitten

The songs エンカウンター / 永〜とこしえ〜 /月は知っている / siren / こたつシャーベット / Hello! / TVゲーム are the seven singles released so far between last year and the current one and have both music and lyrics done by Toshiyuki Toyonaga himself. The release of those singles was made exclusively on the respective live shows.

MUSIC OF THE ENTERTAINMENT is available on CDJAPAN for preorder for all overseas fans.