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Toyonaga day you laugh

Toshiyuki Toyonaga is finally back with the follow up to last years’ “Reason“. The new single “Day you laugh“, featured as the opening theme for part 2 of the second season of Durarara, anime where Toyonaga voices the main character. We take a look at this release in this short review.

Regular Edition
Regular Edition
Single: Day you Laugh
Label: Aniplex+
Release date: 12/08/15 
Genre: J-Rock/Alternative


 Day you laugh
 Day you laugh -instrumental-
 91cm -instrumental-

Track by track analysis:

1 – Day you laugh

As we got used to, Toyonaga kicks off the single powerfully. While resorting to a more acoustic sound, mainly because of the presence of the soulful acoustic guitars, reverberating bassline and the rhodes piano. The touch given by these three instruments to the whole instrumental might seem like it doesn’t have that big of an impact but are, in fact, the main forces in this track. Alongside the acoustic guitars are the electric guitars. Giving the rougher touches to the song, the electric guitars impress in the chorus but that isn’t enough in one of Toyonaga‘s songs. The guitar solo in the bridge was, if it wasn’t enough by now, decisive to take this song to the TOP best instrumentals in Toyonaga‘s repertoire. The vocal performance is a mix between “Siren” and “Chase“, rough when needed, yet gentle during the verses and really powerful in the chorus, plus that falsetto in the final chorus is to die for. Amazing control with the high notes and strong delivery of the lower ones. We start off this single in the best way possible. 5/5

2 – 91cm

With a delicate intro, 91cm shows us Toyonaga in the environment where he shines the best – emotional ballads that beg for his sweet high notes. In a track where the strings and piano are the core, the acoustic guitars and drums take their time to join, only finding their way into the song after the first chorus. Honestely, a track like this one didn’t even need drums or acoustic guitars. With a strong, sweet vocal performance delivered by Toyonaga, this could’ve been a full stripped down piano-centric track, and we’d still be amazed by how gentle and angelic Toyonaga‘s performance is, all of this even though there aren’t enough high notes to make our jaws drop in awe. Yet we got these elements and the final result was great. Starting off slowly and growing the intensity throughout the song, even presenting us with a melodic guitar solo in the bridge, we couldn’t be more satisfied. Simple instrumental, beautiful, inspiring lyrics and a voice to die for. What is there to dislike? 5/5

Final rating:5 stars

Although the single “Day you Laugh” has already been on rotation since mid July, the single doesn’t fail to impress and sounds as fresh as ever. With well thought concept and music genre, this single wins in all categories: variety, quality, lyrics, instrumental and vocal performance.

This is not a power high note driven release like it was with “MUSIC OF THE ENTERTAINMENT” back in 2014, it’s milder like in the previous release “Reason…“. Acoustic guitars hand-in-hand with melodic electric guitars, never forgetting the piano and the mesmerizing basslines in high tension, intensity riser tracks. This is the formula Toyonaga is currently using for his music since his major debut. The heavier sound or more delicate like in the 月は知ってぃる or ココロノビラ days is nowhere to be found. It’s more alternative, more commercial but still very much like Toyonaga‘s sound. Not only it’s rock, good alternative rock, but we also find the singer to take time to write his lyrics and music, only outsourcing a band to play he creates.

It’s incredibly rare to find someone in the music business – even rarer when we talk about seiyuu – that is as skillful in singing as he is in composing/creating music and writting lyrics. Few do it well and only the talented ones manage to impress. Toyonaga deserves full recognition for his impressive skills and for yet another mesmerizing release. Quality title track and sweet, milder finisher. A good combo between the two tracks in a rock solid release.

Day you Laugh” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Day you laugh / Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Toshiyuki Toyonaga

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