Toshiyuki Someya to be featured on “Stage Grandprix”

Toshiyuki Someya is going to be featured on the new issue of Stage Grandprix.

Someya is going to be featured on the pickup artist section of the magazine’s 3rd volume, scheduled to hit the stores on 28/09/2017. The magazine features stage actor/seiyuu (A3!) Ren Ozawa on its cover.

Although there are no previews of his feature, Animate Online has unveiled the special poster of his that comes with the magazine (only for Animate pre-orders).

Exclusive animate poster

The magazine isn’t available for purchase to overseas fans – at least at the moment – if CDJAPAN decides to accept pre-orders for it, we’ll update this news.

On another note: Someya has his hands full as he’s got several projects overlapping at the moment.


Besides the movie “星降る夜のペット“, currently in theaters in Japan, he’s part of Uta no Prince Sama‘s “Masquerade Mirage” musical as Reiji Kotobuki, the currently airing drama “あいの結婚相談所“, the upcoming musical/stage play “Ikebukuro Westgate Park“,

Someya’s first promotional photos for “Ikebukuro Westgate Park”

He was also recently announced as part of the Galaxy Express 999 galaxy opera musical alongside seiyuu/stage actor/musician, back from his hiatus, Miyu Irino.

Toshiyuki Someya, Shouta Aoi and Chiharu Sawashiro

Unicorn Jr., Pythagoras Production group that consists of Shouta Aoi, Chiharu Sawashiro and Toshiyuki Someya will release a new song for the upcomingMARGINAL#4 KISS Kara Tsukuru Big Bang” Best of album. He’ll also be part of the third volume of the new installment of the CD series “IDOL OF STARLIGHT KISS2” as well as part of  “西遊記” (Journey to the West), new shuffle unit from the Marginal #4 franchise. All of this before the end of 2017.

Given his packed schedule, Someya won’t be able to attend next year’s Rejet Fes (Unicorn Jr.).

SOURCE: 25 news / Nijimen / Enterstage / news.walker / Toshiyuki Someya Official twitter account / Animate online official twitter account

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