Toshiki Masuda to appear on NHK’s “Goodnight Prince” VR TV show

Toshiki Masuda is the newest name to join the cast of NHK Educational TV’s “Goodnight Prince“. The stage actor/seiyuu/singer will make an appearance on his first ever VR (virtual reality) TV show.

NHK Educational TV (NHK Eテレ) will start airing the mini VR (virtual reality) reading TV show in December. “Goodnight Prince” is short series that aims at making hardworking women sleep better. Each “Prince” will read a story to the viewer in a comfortable/relaxing environment.

4 actors were chosen for this series. Toshiki Masuda appears on the second episode. The theme of Masuda‘s episode is “Mont Blanc”.

This episode will air on December 9, 2018 from 0:45 to 0:50 a.m. A preview is already available on Goodnight Prince‘s official website – HERE. A friendly reminder that this video is best viewed with VR gear. The video is completely in Japanese with no subtitles.

More details about this innovative TV series can be found on the official website below.

SOURCE: Goodnight Prince official website