TV Guide PERSON unveil covers for Toshiki Masuda’s photobook

Toshiki Masuda

The covers – regular and Animate – and title for Toshiki Masuda’s upcoming photobook are out.

Masuda Toshiki Photobook『Re』is Toshiki Masuda‘s new photobook and is scheduled to hit stores on 21/12/2020, available in regular and limited animate editions.

The covers are the following:


The photobook was created in collaboration with TV Guide Person.

For this photobook, Toshiki Masuda celebrated his 30th birthday by visiting the island of Yakushima in Japan, known for its power spots and fantastical landscapes.

The main concepts for this photobook are “I am who I am” and “Travelling alone“.

A couple of previews are out.

The photobook is going to be A4-sized.

Samples of the bonus bromides included with first-press editions of Toshiki Masuda’s photobook are out. Those are the following per store:

Animate Japan
HMV&BOOKS online
Animate Shibuya

The limited animate edition includes the photobook + making of DVD + exclusive photo set.

Pre-orders have already kicked off at Honto (Japanese online store).

Masuda Toshiki Photobook『Re』 is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: TV Guide Voice Person official twitter account