Toshiki Masuda Live Event -Diver- cancelled

Toshiki Masuda

After postponing the Diver live shows that were supposed to take place in March, Toshiki Masuda confirms their cancellation.

TOYS FACTORY released a statement confirming that Toshiki Masuda‘s upcoming two stops in Live Event -Diver- – set to promote the release of his 1st full-length album, Diver – are cancelled.

The two stops in this special live event were initially going to take place on 08/03/2020 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo and 14/03/2020 at Matsushita IMP Hall in Osaka.

Those were later postponed due to concerns over Coronavirus spread in Japan. Now, and after trying to find a way to make those shows happen, both ended up being cancelled due to the risks that all parties involved would have to incur in for the shows to happen.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved, the 2 stops in Toshiki Masuda’s Live Event -Diver- are cancelled.

More details on the cancellation can be found in the official links below.

On another note: Toshiki Masuda recently opened his official instagram account. At the same time he has been releasing gameplay videos on his official youtube channel.

Make sure to check both out!

SOURCE: TOY’S FACTORY SEIYUU official twitter account / Toshiki Masuda official website