Torao Mido “Dusty Love” (Review)

Torao Mido‘s Dusty Love is the funky song you did not know you needed. Kondo melts us with a high quality vocal performance and perfectly brings to life the sexy and mature vibes that Mido exudes.

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Title: Dusty Love
Label: Lantis
Release date: 15/03/2019
Genre: Pop


1 - Dusty Love

Track analysis:

1- Dusty Love

A groovy bass and funky guitar transport us to a lounge bar. Dusty Love has an instrumental piece that exudes a sexiness provided by the guitar, bass and pads. It is true that Mido has that adult sexiness and mysterious vibe to him, so as the his solo song there is no better way than to incorporate those elements into the instrumental piece. For instance, it is true that this track makes us get the impression that we are in a bar, but that assumption gets confirmed when we hear a bottle of some sort being opened, which once again brings us to the whole vibe of the track.

Granted that little elements here and there just add to the idea of mystery and seductive instrumental piece, but the way Kondo is singing just becomes the cherry on top of the cake. When needed he sings smooth and sweetly and in other times he brings out his charm as the bad-boy character he is portraying, Mido, and roughens up his notes, all the while melting us with his perfect performance. Dusty Love is the funky song you didn’t know you needed.

Final rating:

Dusty Love is currently unavailable for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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