Top 20 Best male seiyuu units [PART 3]


And we finally reach the bottom 5 on this Top 20 Best Male Seiyuu Units. On this part of the top we find more incredibly talented people with some interesting seiyuu units. Some of them are long disbanded, others are relatively new only now giving their first steps into unbeknownst territory. Reaching the bottom of this Top we still can’t overlook some of these acts.

Well for what is worth we provide once again a compilation of seiyuu units well worth to check out. Kicking off the final part of this TOP we have the relatively new seiyuu idol unit X.I.P.

#16 – X.I.P

L->R (Takuya Eguchi, Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi)
L->R (Takuya Eguchi, Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi)

X.I.P, seiyuu idol unit originated from Android/iOS game “Tokimeki Restaurant” and consisting of Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi and Takuya Eguchi open this part of the TOP 20 Best male seiyuu units.

Dressed in a robust, sexy and aggressive pop, X.I.P comes as the best idol unit from “Tokimeki Restaurant” with a very solid group of good seiyuu singers and with songs that aren’t as “corny” as you could maybe expect from a fictional idol unit in a women-driven game (otome game) but they impress with that aggressiveness and sensuality in the lyrics delivered by two mid-toned singers and one low-toned one (Satoshi Hino). So far the tracks “Cheat Dancer” and “E->MOTION” are the only releases by this unit but those have already impressed many with their sound which is something commendable to say the least. Impressive seiyuu unit that is planning on releasing their first single next month.


L->R (Daisuke Hirakawa / Miyano Mamoru / Nobunaga Shimazaki / Tatsuhisa Suzuki / Tsubasa Yonaga)

Seiyuu unit that was created from swimming anime “Free!” consisting on the main seiyuu Nobunaga Shimazaki, Miyano Mamoru, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Daisuke Hirakawa and Tsubasa Yonaga. This unit has released so far two tracks: the ending theme of the anime titled “SPLASH FREE” and the finale song “Ever Blue”. It’s a unit full of already debuted solo singers (the only one that hasn’t solo debuted in the music business is Nobunaga Shimazaki) with a lot of experience and that is clearly noticeable when you listen to the highly addictive “SPLASH FREE” that had a lot a people crazy over it as soon as it was debuted in the anime. With voices ranging between the deepest (Daisuke Hirakawa) to the mid-toned ones (Miyano Mamoru, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Nobunaga Shimazaki) reaching the higher-toned vocals provided by Tsubasa Yonaga, this unit shows a lot of promise with so many talented singers aboard and an addictive electronic pop sound.

#18 – Stella Quintet

L->R (Jun Fukuyama / KISHOW / Daisuke Kishio / Masakazu Morita / Miyano Mamoru / Kentaro Ito)

Now we get to the seiyuu unit created from shoujo anime / game “La corda d’oro” (Kiniro No Corda). Consisting of Jun Fukuyama, Kishow Taniyama, Daisuke Kishio, Masakazu Morita, Miyano Mamoru and Kentaro Ito, Stella Quintet only released one track titled “Crescendo“, often sang on the live events related with the game / anime. Stella Quintet is one of those units full of big names with a lot of experience in the music business for example the frontman for hardrock band GRANRODEO, Kishow Taniyama and one of the most successful seiyuu both in singing and dubbing, Miyano Mamoru as the powerhouse vocals in this unit. But while we might think that these talented seiyuu would overshadow the remaining ones, it’s quite the other way: in this unit these guys blend so well with the rest of the seiyuu making every single one of the seiyuu shine on their own way, in the end sounding incredibly well as a whole or even on their “pair” parts. Their only release sounds good enough to make this unit part of this TOP 20.

#19 – R-16

L->R (Kenichi Suzumura / Sakurai Takahiro)

R-16 were a seiyuu unit consisting of one of the golden duos in Japan. Super seiyuu Sakurai Takahiro and Kenichi Suzumura highly recognized and talented in the seiyuu business decided to form in 2004 the unit that released two singles 沈まない太陽 in 2003 and “Separate Way” in 2004. The duo sang some of the songs featured on their radio show “Cherry Bell” airing every friday since 2003 in Japan. Dressed in a pop-rock fashion, this duo had everything they needed to be a great unit / band but something along the way failed completely with them later disbanding. Kenichi Suzumura started his solo career along with other seiyuu units projects and Sakurai Takahiro still hasn’t returned to the music business after all these years, still R-16 were a fun project well worth to check.

#20 – アニ○ズ

L->R (Koutaro Nishiyama / Yuuto Suzuki / Nobunaga Shimazaki / Irie Leona)
L->R (Koutaro Nishiyama / Yuto Suzuki / Nobunaga Shimazaki / Irie Leona)

On the wings of veteran seiyuu Hideo Ishikawa (E.M.U / Stella Quintet), アニ○ズ or simply Animarus was a seiyuu unit born from a radio show where these four young seiyuu: Koutarou Nishiyama, Yuto Suzuki, Nobunaga Shimazaki and Irie Leona together with Hideo Ishikawa had their weekly radio show. It was a way to introduce these new seiyuu talents to the potential fans and overall seiyuu universe. Like most units these guys have little music released since their primary work lies on being a full-time seiyuu and then a singer (if they have their music projects). The track スクランブル!アニ○戦隊 is one of the highlights by this short-lived seiyuu unit.

With only one single released in 2012 these guys have later disbanded in 2013 and well, there’s no word about any of them joining the music industry so soon (although Yuto Suzuki is already in it but hasn’t released anything since his debut single in 2009).

A unit that served its purpose and besides the fact that it was sadly short-lived we can at least take from here two big talents (not disregarding the remaining two). At least two of its members are more than ready to engage in the music business because not only their talent is in voice acting but they also sing considerably well. Yuto Suzuki and Nobunaga Shimazaki are those two names coming out from this disbanding with the upper hand.

The TOP 20 is the following:

2 – E.M.U
6 – D.A.T
7 – 神谷浩史+小野大輔
8 – フェロ☆メン
9 – Marginal#4
11 - G.Addict
12 - Maxboys
13 - KAmiYU
14 - Trignal
16 - X.I.P
18 - Stella Quintet
19 - R-16
20 - アニ○ズ

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