Tomoaki Maeno and Ryota Suzuki join Twitter

Tomoaki Maeno, Ryota Suzuki join twitter

Male seiyuu continue to join Twitter in a time that most of Japan is in lockdown. Tomoaki Maeno and Ryota Suzuki are the new joiners.

Following Tatsuhisa Suzuki‘s kick off of activity on social media, with an announcement made on April Fools that had everyone wondering if it was a prank, more seiyuu followed the current trend among male seiyuu and joined Twitter to be closer to their fans.

The new joiners are Tomoaki Maeno and Ryota Suzuki.

Tomoaki Maeno, kicked off his official personal account on Twitter. Although Maeno already had an account – created to promote his Baseball-centric corner for PASH! – it was far from being more than a promotional account.

Now, fans of the talented seiyuu, narrator and QUARTET NIGHT member can follow his adventures and interesting stories through his personal account (vouched by fellow seiyuu and QUARTET NIGHT member, Shouta Aoi).

At the same time, rookie seiyuu Ryota Suzuki joined Twitter. Taku Yashiro gave a warm welcome to his kouhai at VIMS.

If you are on Twitter, make sure to follow and welcome Tomoaki Maeno and Ryota Suzuki!

SOURCE: Tomoaki Maeno official twitter account / Ryota Suzuki official twitter account