[THTFHQ report] IDOLiSH7 2nd Live REUNION Day 1

IDOLiSH7‘s 2nd Live REUNION left everyone craving for more.

IDOLiSH7 2nd Live REUNION was held at MetLife Dome in Saitama on 06/07/2019 and 07/07/2019. It counted with live performances by IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale and ŹOOĻ.

THTFHQ attended live viewing in Hong Kong of the 1st day of the event and bring you a report on this memorable live.


This live report has spoilers on the 1st day of IDOLiSH7 2nd Live REUNION (06/07/2019). If you do not want the Live to be spoiled to you and/or you want to wait for a possible Blu-ray and/or DVD release to discover the amazing things that happened, please DO NOT SCROLL DOWN.

Read at your own risk.

What makes IDOLiSH7 2nd Live REUNION stand out in comparison to last year’s IDOLiSH7 1st Live ROAD TO INFINITY is the energy.

That change is much due to the setlist chosen for this event. IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale went for more upbeat performances, MEZZO returned with two ballads and we had 1st time live performances by ŹOOĻ, easily the ones responsible for the electrifying mood inside of Metlife Dome as well as any live viewing venue across Asia.

The live kicked off with a VTR intro that smoothly transitioned to the cross-shaped stage where all four groups, each on their corner, were posing.

The groups then gathered at center stage, making a live version of the Live’s key visual (photo below).

ŹOOĻ exited the stage, leaving IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale with the responsibility of kicking off the show with Natsu Shiyoze!. Due to the high temperatures in Saitama, this was a welcomed intro that brought water guns and cannons to the stage to cool down some of the viewers.

IDOLiSH7 then kicked off the 1st part of their live performances with a first time performance of Viva! Fantastic Life!!!!!!!. The crowd was feeling the fast paced rhythm while not taking the eyes off the passionate performances by the talented septet.

The energy continued to overflow on stage with the performances of Dancing∞BEAT!! and RESTART POiNTER.

Gears shifted from IDOLiSH7‘s upbeat pop sound to Re:vale‘s alluring jazzy sound. The first part of the duo’s performances was filled with new songs. The duo performed for the first time Gekijou, song included in the group’s 1st album Re:al Axis (2019). The passionate mood carried over to the playful 永遠性理論 (Eiensei Riron).

And then the mood changed completely.


ŹOOĻ took the stage and what followed were two of the most electrifying performances of the day.

The quartet opened its set with Poisonous Gangster, showcasing aggressive, urban dance moves and insane chemistry on stage.

The song was arranged in a way that Takashi Kondo and Koutaro Nishiyama got to perform some verses (in the original version they only perform the muffled backing vocals to this song). Everyone was enthralled by the group’s imposing demeanor, powerful dance moves, and singing skills.

Look at… also came with powerful dance moves in which Yuya Hirose and Koutaro Nishiyama stood out. The pair was impressive with their dance moves while Kondo provided stunning adlibs and Subaru Kimura imposed ŹOOĻ‘s rhythm with powerful rap and singing.

When ŹOOĻ exited the stage, everyone was in awe.

The electrifying mood sank in and TRIGGER took the stage, taking everyone on an emotional rollercoaster with the performance of Negai wa Shine on the Sea, song included in the group’s 1st album REGALITY (2017).

Takuya Sato took center stage performing a brief acappella later giving way for Soma Saito and Wataru Hatano to join him for the full version.

Diamond Fusion followed and this time around they were all by themselves on stage, a contrast from last year’s performance that involved a massive backup dancer lineup.

Then TRIGGER performed for the 1st time one of the fans’ favorite songs: In the meantime. Together with an energetic choreography with – surprisingly – Soma Saito as main dancer, this was one of the group’s highlights.

This passionate, high-tension performance lit up Metlife Dome and live viewing venues.

To cool down a bit after a streak of electrifying performances came the ballad duo, MEZZO. They performed miss you… and Tsukiakari Illuminate, songs that took fans to a melancholic and quieter soundscape.

However, the rollercoaster of emotions continued as ŹOOĻ took center stage once again, this time around premiering the full version of ZONE OF OVERLAP.

With a powerful choreography in which Yuya Hirose, Koutaro Nishiyama, and Takashi Kondo left everyone in awe with their fast-paced, sharp acrobatic dance moves while Subaru Kimura impressed with his powerful rap.

The group pounded the song’s rough lyrics, stroked imposing poses, and showcased a charisma and energy that is unique to them, completely owning the stage.

IDOLiSH7 returned to the stage to perform GOOD NIGHT AWESOME and THANK YOU FOR YOUR EVERYTHING!. The group was carrying over the momentum left from ŹOOĻ and everyone in the venue was excited.

Re:vale joined IDOLiSH7 on stage to perform Happy Days Creation!.

But even if the performance was exciting and overflowing with good vibes, it was Re:vale‘s outfits that, somehow, stole the show. The duo was donning beautiful middle-eastern inspired outfits that made fans anticipate their upcoming performances.

And what followed were the performances of Hoshikuzu Magic and No Doubt raised once more the energy levels inside Metlife Dome.

A VTR showing parts of TRIGGER‘s Daybreak Interlude music video started to play. As we started following the steps of TENN, Gaku, and Ryunnosuke on screen, the camera transitioned to following Saito, Hatano, and Sato from behind through the gate that gave access to the venue’s upper levels. This transition from 2D to real life was unexpected yet a nice touch to the group’s impressive performance.

The group proceeded to go down the stairs in an imposing fashion until they reached the platform where they ended up performing Daybreak Interlude. The performance carried a lot of emotion, leaving most of the viewers in tears.

After performing Daybreak Interlude, TRIGGER, now at center stage, started talking about their performances and how they still hadn’t shown their new song. Thus, and to everyone’s surprise, the exclusive live premiere of Crescent rise – song, choreo, and music video – began. With sharp choreography, haunting instrumental, and an unusual chorus – by TRIGGER’s standards -, this song easily captured the attention of all viewers.

The trio then revisited their classic, SECRET NIGHT, song that ignited the crowd.

IDOLiSH7 returned to the stage for a last stretch. The septet performed 4 songs in quick succession: Nanatsuiro REALiZE, MEMORiES MELODiES, WiSH VOYAGE and Monster Generation.

The live show was about to end and fans were already feeling it in the tone of the last couple of songs. However, after asking for an encore, IDOLiSH7, Re:vale and TRIGGER returned from backstage to perform an ensemble version of Wonderful Octave and PARTY TIME TOGETHER.

During MC time, Kensho Ono invited on stage the talk of the day: ŹOOĻ. All groups then started thanking fans and sharing some thoughts on the live show.

To wrap up this first day, IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale and ŹOOĻ performed Welcome, Future World!!!.

The event wrapped up in high spirits and with fans thirsty for more performances.


01. NATSU☆しようぜ! (Re:vale & TRIGGER & IDOLiSH7)
02. Viva! Fantastic Life!!!!!!! (IDOLiSH7)
03. Dancing∞BEAT!! (IDOLiSH7)  
05. 激情 (Re:vale) 
06. 永遠性理論 (Re:vale)
07. Poisonous Gangster (ŹOOĻ)
09. 願いはShine On The Sea (TRIGGER) 
11. In the meantime (TRIGGER)
12. miss you… (MEZZO")  
13. 月明かりイルミネイト (MEZZO")
17. Happy Days Creation! (Re:vale & IDOLiSH7)
18. 星屑マジック (Re:vale) 
19. NO DOUBT (Re:vale)
21. Crescent rise (TRIGGER) [SONG PREMIERE]
23. ナナツイロ REALiZE (IDOLiSH7)  
27. Wonderful Octave (Re:vale & TRIGGER & IDOLiSH7)
29. Welcome, Future World!!! (Re:vale & TRIGGER & IDOLiSH7 & ŹOOĻ)

This is an exclusive report by THTFHQ. All rights reserved.

©Bandai Namco ARTS

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