THTFHQ AWARDS 2021 are back with new categories up for voting


Your favorite male seiyuu, your favorite music releases and 2D music projects. THTFHQ AWARDS are back and VOTING is now OPEN!

Welcome to this year’s edition of the THTFHQ AWARDS! This is the 4th edition and it arrives with a couple of changes in the mix covering new categories but still with the same focus as previous editions.

The time of the year has come to celebrate the good CD releases, impressive performances, surprising solo debuts, rising stars active in the music industry that have been impressing everyone, the best solo artists, and 2D music projects.

This year, there are some changes to THTFHQ AWARDS, welcoming new categories alongside the already well-known Best Band/Unit, Best Solo Artist, and Best 2D group.

All the categories up for voting are the following:

  • Rising Star of the Year (seiyuu 30 years old or younger that were active in, at least, two (2) 2D music projects (singing) in the present year)
  • Best New Artist of 2021 (seiyuu solo artists/bands debuted in the present year)
  • 2D Group of the Year
  • 2D Music Project of the Year
  • Album of the Year (by seiyuu solo artists/bands/seiyuu units)
  • Best band/seiyuu unit of the year
  • Solo Artist of the Year

Shortlisting of nominees

All categories feature up to 25 (maximum) seiyuu/2D groups/albums for you to vote in.

Those were shortlisted by THTFHQ taking into account the quality of the music, uniqueness, review rating, and accolades (the latter being only used as a tie-breaker to decide who made it to the nominees in case of a draw).

As such, there are many groups and seiyuu that may not feature in any of the categories despite having been active in 2021.

This was made to avoid endless voting lists, after all, there were over 40 different 2D music projects (and over 100 groups) active in 2021 as well as over 170 CDs released this year between seiyuu artists, bands, and 2D groups.

Results announcement

The final results are going to be firstly presented on January 28, 2022 on a special episode of SEIYUU LOUNGE. The episode will only cover the winners of each category, highlighting their feats and music released in 2021. This is a popularity-driven feature.

On January 30, 2022, a written feature drops, and it will include all seiyuu, CDs, and 2D groups/projects that ranked within the top 10 in their respective categories.

This is a feature following the “old” format of the THTFHQ AWARDS, putting the spotlight on every project ranked 10 or higher but without reference made to votes earned. This is not a popularity-driven feature.

To avoid petty “fights” between fans and disrespect like in last years’ edition, THTFHQ won’t unveil the number of votes the winner, the runner-up (or anyone else) gets.

Additionally, THTFHQ reserves to itself the right to disqualify any nominee that has an abnormal rise in votes (votes manipulation by using different IPs and other underhanded strategies employed by fans) and block the IPs of the people voting multiple times or IPs that present suspicious activity.

Before voting, please read the FAQs as there won’t be replies to any questions that are answered on these.


For how long will the voting be open?

THTFHQ Awards kick off on December 27, 2021, at 00h00 WET and end on January 10, 2022, at 23h59 WET. Daily reminders will be made on THTFHQ’s social media accounts.

When will I get to know the results?

On January 28, 2022, via a SEIYUU LOUNGE episode and later on, published as an article on January 30, 2022.

How many times can I vote?

Only once (1) for each category during the whole voting period.

Who are eligible for this edition of THTFHQ AWARDS?

First and foremost, male seiyuu. Then, per category, there are restrictions, making each a unique voting.

Bands/Seiyuu Unit of the Year (only bands, duos, or groups created not stemming from anime or 2D projects)
Rising stars (only male seiyuu 30 years old or younger that have been active in more than two (2) 2D music projects in the present year)
New Seiyuu Artists (only solo artists, seiyuu units, and seiyuu-fronted bands that debuted in the present year)
2D music projects (only those active in 2021 and that had quality music, highly-ranked CDs at THTFHQ, uniqueness, or achieved impressive accolades)
ALBUM OF THE YEAR (only by solo artists/bands/seiyuu units that do not stem from anime or 2D projects)
SOLO ARTIST OF THE YEAR (only solo artists/bands/seiyuu units that do not stem from anime or 2D projects)

What if I vote several times?

Only your first vote on each category counts.
Those found tampering with the voting – voting more than once on each category – will have their IP banned from visiting this website for 3 months.
Multiple votes by the same people or erratic voting by different IPs in a short amount of time – or prolonged amount of time – will not be counted and the seiyuu, 2D group, or the CD in question that is receiving those boosted votes will be disqualified from the voting.

I can’t vote! Please, help!

The survey should be mobile-friendly, however, a couple of notes:
If you encounter any issues with accessing the voting, it is recommended for MAC users to use Google Chrome to complete the survey or, for iOS users, enable DESKTOP MODE on your browser.
If you are an android user and found yourself unable to vote, please make sure that you have “desktop mode” enabled in the options on your browser. After that, please try again. It should work.

You forgot to add “seiyuu X/2D group Y” to the survey. Can you add them?

This time around there is no “forgetting” from THTFHQ. If a seiyuu/2D group/album is not featured in a category, it’s because it was not shortlisted (nominated) for it.

Are the THTFHQ AWARDS a popularity contest?

They are hybrid.
While the winner of each category will be celebrated in the SEIYUU LOUNGE episode in which the results will be first announced, the written version will celebrate the top 10 in each category and besides the winner of the category, no one else will be ranked.
Both versions of the final results won’t disclose the number of votes each nominee got.

I am not a fan of one of the seiyuu/2D groups in the survey, or I don’t have an opinion in a certain category, can I skip those?

Yes, you can.
Vote for the categories you feel like you have an opinion about. If your favorite seiyuu is not featured, you can skip as well voting.

Are THTFHQ Awards 2021 sponsored? Are you going to hand in awards to the seiyuu in real life?

These awards are, in no way, sponsored.
THTFHQ Awards are a way to connect with our passionate community and get to know what is the music you like and the seiyuu you love in every given year. In this format, and at the same time, fans will get to check the pulse of their own fandom by voting for their favorite seiyuu music releases.

Although THTFHQ does want to start handing awards to seiyuu, unfortunately, at the moment, this is not possible.
Contrary to popular belief, contacting seiyuu talent agencies and getting a reply from them on the matter (handing something bigger than a letter) is hard, not to mention, financially impossible without sponsors.

Without further ado, THTFHQ Awards 2021 are OPEN!

Who is your Rising Star of the Year?Elegible for this category are seiyuu 30 years old or younger active in, at least, 2 music projects (and singing) in 2021. Winner of this category won't be included in next years' voting.
Who is your Best New Artist of 2021?Elegible for this category are seiyuu/bands/seiyuu units that made their artist solo debut in 2021.
Who is your 2D Group of the Year of 2021?Eligible groups: those that released music in 2021 / category shortlisted by THTFHQ based on review scores + quality of the music + activity in the year + uniqueness / 1 group representing the 2D music project it stems from
Which is your 2D Music Project of the Year?Eligible 2D music projects: those that released music in 2021 / category shortlisted by THTFHQ based on review scores of all 2D groups in each project + quality of the music + activity in the year + uniqueness)
Which is your Album of the Year?Eligibility: Only full-lenght albums or EP/mini-albums by solo artists/bands/seiyuu units
Which is your band/seiyuu unit of the year?Eligibility: Only seiyuu units/bands not stemming from anime/2D music projects that released at least 1 album/mini-album/single in 2021 | Quality + review rating taken into account
Which is your Solo Artist of the Year?Eligibility: Only seiyuu that released at least 1 album/mini-album/single as a solo artist in 2021 / Quality + review rating taken into account / Digital singles did not count for the nomination / Shortlisted to only 15 nominees by THTFHQ

Remember, THTFHQ AWARDS are all about celebrating the music released yearly as well as the awesome voices of various male seiyuu that consistently impress us all.

Hope you enjoyed all the music your favorite seiyuu and 2D groups released in 2021!

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
The Hand That Feeds HQ founder, content creator, and music reviewer. Basically, the only person managing everything at The Hand That Feeds HQ. Stumbling upon Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" in 2011 was the start of this journey. If music is thought-provoking or deep, you may find her writing almost essays (not limited to, but it happens a lot with Soma Saito's music). She's the producer and host of the male seiyuu-centric podcast, SEIYUU LOUNGE (see Spotify link in this profile).

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