THTFHQ Awards 2019

Welcome to this year’s THTFHQ Awards!

This is the last year of the decade, leaving the 10s behind and welcoming the 20s with the same excitement or even more than when we kicked off our work in 2010.

This year, for the 2nd THTFHQ Awards, we feature a revamped poll, in which popularity of a seiyuu will not come into question.

So, what has changed?

THTFHQ AWARDS no longer ride on popularity. 

THTFHQ has, first and foremost, been a media outlet that dives into the music released by seiyuu and we will stay that way for this poll. Music is what will drive these awards, nothing more.

You will vote only for the artists you are a fan of. Simple.

No popularity will come into question because we will cover the final results of all seiyuu featured on this poll and no rankings will be made.

We hope that, somehow, this brief exercise will make you revisit music by your favorite seiyuu, have a look back at their careers.

We tried in our office and it was an interesting poll that made us go back to revisit songs we no longer remembered by name, make us check out how some of our favorite seiyuu sang when they made their debut and how much they’ve evolved. It is quite fun and nostalgic and hope everyone can have some fun while participating!

Before voting, please read the FAQs as our team will not reply to any questions that are answered on those. If you have any question that was not answered or find a glitch or the poll is not working, please leave it a comment below instead of contacting us via contact page (we will not reply to any issues with the poll through there).


For how long will the voting be open?

THTFHQ Awards kick off on December 20 at 00h00 GMT and ends on December 22 at 23h59 GMT. Daily reminders will be made twice per day on our social media to cover the major time zones among our reader base.

When will I get to know the results?

On December 31, 2019. We will unveil those at a time to be determined.

How many times can I vote?

Only once during the whole voting period.

I can’t vote! Please, help!

Voting through Google forms is made using an active gmail account. Given previous experience with the platform, it is highly recommended for iOS and MAC users to use Google Chrome on the PC to complete the poll.

If you are an android user and found yourself unable to vote, please make sure that you have “desktop mode” enabled in the options. After that, try again. It should work.

Who are the seiyuu eligible for this edition of THTFHQ AWARDS?

All male seiyuu debuted as:

  • Solo artists
  • (Members of) Bands (not stemming from an anime or 2D project)
  • Units (duos or groups created with no connection to an anime or 2D project)

Why aren’t groups from projects like Utapri, IDOLiSH7, Hypnosis Mic, Ensemble Stars! and other 2D projects up for voting?

These awards are solely to celebrate the efforts of a music career outside 2D or anime related music projects. With this in mind, only seiyuu that made a debut as one of the categories in the topic above are eligible.

You forgot to add “seiyuu X” to the poll. Can you add him?

As soon as the poll goes live, we won’t make any changes to it to avoid tampering of the results.

Are the 2nd THTFHQ AWARDS a popularity contest?

No. Fans get to vote for the best releases by seiyuu, bands and groups in this decade that they like. In the end, all names featured on this poll will get a brief summary about their most voted release and a short bio on their career so far. No ranking between seiyuu will be made. Votes will only count to decide the favorite release within a seiyuu’s repertoire.

I am not a fan of one of the seiyuu in the poll, can I skip it?

Yes, you can. Whenever a name on the screen is not in your favorites or you do not know or are not a fan of, please skip it to the next seiyuu. You can do it as many times as you want however, take into account that you will be prompted mid-way to choose to end the poll or continue to vote for bands/groups and units.

Are THTFHQ Awards 2019 sponsored? Are you going to hand awards to the seiyuu in real life?

These awards are, in no way, sponsored. THTFHQ Awards are a way to connect with our readers and get to know what is the music they like and the seiyuu they love. In the format we are experimenting with this year, fans will get to check the pulse of their own fandom by voting for their favorite seiyuu music releases.

Although we do want to start handing awards to seiyuu, unfortunately this will not be possible. Contrary to popular belief, contacting seiyuu talent agencies and getting a reply from them on the matter (handing something bigger than a letter) is hard, not to mention, financially impossible without sponsors.

Without further ado, THTFHQ Awards 2019 are OPEN!

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf60h0NfmsOnIPMX1GIJtGvKh9sqNJZQUxG-a9wp_oMSqV6Dg/viewform” query=”embedded=true” width=”840″ height=”1646″ /]

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
The Hand That Feeds HQ founder, content creator, and music reviewer. Basically, the only person managing everything at The Hand That Feeds HQ. Stumbling upon Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" in 2011 was the start of this journey. If music is thought-provoking or deep, you may find her writing almost essays (not limited to, but it happens a lot with Soma Saito's music). She's the producer and host of the male seiyuu-centric podcast, SEIYUU LOUNGE (see Spotify link in this profile).


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