[Oricon Weekly] SolidS, 2Wink, UNDEAD, A3 Spring & Summer troupes and TRIGGER with strong performances

SolidS, 2Wink, UNDEAD, A3 Spring & Summer troupes and TRIGGER managed to impress with high ranking releases and steady charting. This article covers the first week of October – which includes singles/albums released between 02/10/2017 and 08/10/2017.

Let’s take a look at the data.

Oricon Weekly Album ranking

Charting comfortably: TRIGGER

After beating plus setting a record in the seiyuu business with the release of “REGALITY“, album released on 20/09/2017, the album is still confidently ranking on Oricon Weekly. 

This week, “REGALITY” occupies the comfortable 31st place with 1.649 copies sold during this period of time. The album has been on Oricon Weekly for three straight weeks. Our review can be found HERE.

A3! troupes showing their popularity

This week’s surprise belongs undoubtly to A3!‘s Spring and Summer troupes. Kicking off the new BLOOMING series, both troupes managed to snatch a #3 and #4 on Oricon Weekly with 24,455 copies sold (Spring troupe) and 23,499 copies sold (Summer Troupe).

Oricon Weekly Single ranking

Ensemble stars franchise continues to perform well: UNDEAD and 2wink on top 10

UNDEAD follow the steps of all previous releases by Ensemble Stars‘ groups, managing to chart within top 10.

Their new unit song CD ranked #4 on Oricon weekly.

Also for the same unit song CD series, 2Wink performed incredibly well during this past week, grabbing a #6 on Oricon’s weekly chart.

The sales figures for both releases weren’t disclosed.

SolidS grab their first ever top 15

And this week’s final report belongs to SolidS. With an anime underway, the unit part of Tsukipro managed to grab their first ever top 15 on Oricon Weekly. A reminder that their best performing release up until now was KARA DA KARA (#29) released this past June. You can read our Burny!!! review HERE.

SOURCES: Oricon official websitealbums / singles

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