Top 20 Most Popular Male Seiyuu in 2017 according to our readers

THTFHQ Top 20 Most Popular Male Seiyuu

Earlier this month, we opened our Top 20 Most Popular Male Seiyuu poll, an official reply from us to Charapedia. For those anxiously waiting for it, the results are finally here.

The poll was open from 01/11/2017 00:00 a.m WET to 15/11/2017 00:00 a.m WET.

During that span of time, a total of 575 people answered the simple question “Who’s your favorite seiyuu“. 65 seiyuu were chosen but only 20 made it to this top.

A friendly reminder because we’re here to spread love about seiyuu not hate: before people start attacking these results, this poll was exclusively voted by our readers. Remember that, if you didn’t vote, you’ve got no right to criticize the final results. Please respect others’ opinions/preferences.

Lastly, for those of you that want to share the poll’s results on fanpages:

  • Please share this article (there’s share buttons at the end of this article) instead of copying and pasting the results online. Don’t forget to give full credits to us, linking us as the source. Sharing is caring.

Without furthed ado, here’s the TOP 20 Most popular seiyuu by overseas fans in 2017.

Honorable mentions:

#21 Ayumu Murase 8 votes
#22 Kousuke Toriumi 8 votes
#23 Toshiyuki Toyonaga 8 votes
#24 Ishida Akira 7 votes
#25 KISHOW 7 votes
#26 Tetsuya Kakihara 7 votes
#27 Kouki Uchiyama 6 votes
#28 Kenichi Suzumura 6 votes
#29 Natsuki Hanae 6 votes
#30 Wataru Hatano 6 votes
#31 Yonaga Tsubasa 6 votes
#32 Kaito Ishikawa 5 votes
#33 Junichi Suwabe 5 votes
#34 Takuma Terashima 5 votes
#35 Hikaru Midorikawa 4 votes
#36 Jun Fukuyama 4 votes
#37 Makoto Furukawa 4 votes
#38 Shinnosuke Tachibana 4 votes
#39 Showtaro Morikubo 4 votes
#40 Tomokazu Sugita 4 votes
#41 Yuma Uchida 4 votes
#42 Hiro Shimono 3 votes
#43 Miyu Irino 3 votes
#44 Kaoru Masaki 2 votes
#45 Kondo Takashi 2 votes
#46 Daisuke Namikawa 2 votes
#47 Hino Satoshi 2 votes
#48 Juurouta Kosugi 2 votes
#49 Nobunaga Shimazaki 2 votes
#50 Toshiyuki Morikawa 2 votes
#51 Daiki Yamashita 1 vote
#52 Daisuke Hirakawa 1 vote
#53 Hiroyuki Yoshino 1 vote
#54 Junta Terashima 1 vote
#55 Kenjiro Tsuda 1 vote
#56 Konishi Katsuyuki 1 vote
#57 Masatomo Nakazawa 1 vote
#58 Noriaki Suguyama 1 vote
#59 Shintaro Asanuma 1 vote
#60 Shugo Nakamura 1 vote
#61 Takehito Koyasu 1 vote
#62 Takuya Sato 1 vote
#63 Yuki Ono 1 vote
#64 Yusuke Shirai 1 vote
#65 Yuto Uemura 1 vote

Total of 575 votes received. 574 votes counted – one null.

One of the votes didn’t follow the simple rule of “voting for 1 seiyuu” so we nullified it – because chosing one out of the various names that person had named would be unfair from us. For fairness’ sake, we decided to nullify it.

Also, for seiyuu sharing the same amount of votes: the seiyuu are sorted alphabetically on those cases.

Thank you to everyone that spent a couple of minutes to vote on this poll. To those that went the extra mile and spread the word about our poll, we need to thank you yet again. Without you we wouldn’t have had this many people participating.

With that being said, this poll returns next year in November to ascertain how much overseas’ fans seiyuu preferences have changed. We also hope to have more people joining next year’s voting.

Until then, please keep supporting your favorite seiyuu’s endeavors!

TOP 20 MOST POPULAR MALE SEIYUU 2017 is powered by our awesome readers.
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