The most handsome seiyuu according to Japanese fans in 2017

goo ranking hosted their yearly “Too Ikemen Seiyuu Ranking” poll and the results are pretty interesting.

This time, over 3000 Japanese fans participated in the poll, ranking seiyuu with only one criteria in mind: who, in their eyes, is the most handsome seiyuu.

From well known veterans to new names in the industry, the picks were a bit spread out.

Below you will find who are the 49 most handsome male seiyuu according to the Japanese fans in 2017.

#1 Miyano Mamoru

#2 Hiroshi Kamiya

#3 Yuki Kaji

Kaji in 2017

#4 Yuichiro Umehara

Yuichiro Umehara

#5 Daisuke Ono

Daisuke Ono


#7 Yuichi Nakamura

Yuichi Nakamura

#8 Tomokazu Sugita

Tomokazu Sugita

#9 Takahiro Sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai

#10 Kenjiro Tsuda

Kenjiro Tsuda

#11 Tatsuhisa Suzuki

#12 Jun Fukuyama

Jun Fukuyama

#13 Shouta Aoi

Shouta Aoi

#14 Tetsuya Kakihara

#15 Junichi Suwabe

Junichi Suwabe

#16 Nobunaga Shimazaki

#17 Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono

#18 Ishida Akira

Ishida Akira

#19 Miyu Irino

Miyu Irino

#20 Yoshimasa Hosoya

#21 Daisuke Namikawa

#22 Kenichi Suzumura

Kenichi Suzumura

#23 Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

#24 Takuya Eguchi

#25 Yusa Koji

#26 Soma Saito

#27 Kensho Ono

#28 Toshiki Masuda

Toshiki Masuda

#29 Kaito Ishikawa

Kaito Ishikawa

#30 Shunsuke Takeuchi

Shunsuke Takeuchi

#31 Nobuhiko Okamoto

Nobuhiko Okamoto

#32 Shintaro Asanuma

Shintaro Asanuma

#33 Hiroyuki Yoshino

Hiroyuki Yoshino

#34 Wataru Hatano

#35 Kouki Uchiyama

Kouki Uchiyama

#36 Kengo Kawanishi

#37 Natsuki Hanae

#38 Takuma Terashima

#39 Hisayoshi Suganuma

#40 Yuma Uchida

#41 Chiharu Sawashiro

Chiharu Sawashiro

#42 Kento Ito

#43 Tasuku Hatanaka

Tasuku Hatanaka

#44 Yoshitaka Yamaya

Yoshitaka Yamaya

#45 Ryohei Kimura

Ryohei Kimura

#46 Taku Yashiro

Taku Yashiro

#47 Hidenori Takahashi

#48 Junya Enoki

#49 Subaru Kimura

Did your favorites make it to the top? Tell us in the comments!

SOURCE for full ranking and vote count: goo ranking (the website is in Japanese)

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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  1. Hi, I want to say that #3Kaji’s name has been spell wrong.
    Yuji Kaji➡️ Yuki Kaji
    BTW Thank you for sharing!

  2. Fiquei muito feliz em ver o Mamo-Chan em primeiro lugar !!!
    Muito Obrigada pela dedicação diaria de vocês !

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