THE LAST METAL: Heavy Metal Music joins the 2D Music Panorama

The time has finally come for heavy metal fans. Shredding its way through, THE LAST METAL brings heavy metal music to the spotlight for the very 1st time for 2D music projects.


THE LAST METAL is an original 2D music project created by Vul Productions, counting with character designs by Makoto Senzaki.

According to Vul Productions, THE LAST METAL is a project under the themes of “Authentic heavy metal music” x “Voice actors/actors” x “Revenge drama“.

The project has 1 band in its ranks called Venomous 8. The band has 4 vocals.


Somewhere in the world, 8 young men died.

The place where they woke up was the “Crossroad”, a world between this world and the afterlife, where only those who died with strong regret can reach.

Deadlight City, a decadent and violent city, was built in that world. Those who live there are residents who have a lingering attachment to this world and have lost hope.

A strange cult that worships metal.

And the only God, Val.

One day, an individual named “VUCCA” and claiming to be a messenger of God appears to eight young people.

VUCCA determined their feelings for this world and forced them to make a choice.

“Do you play the music of God with me, or forget your revenge and rot in this city? The best metal band chosen by God gets the right to return to this world.”

At the urging of Vucca, the 8 young men – that weren’t familiar with each other – decide to form the metal band “Venomous 8”.

The only thing they have in common is “vengeance”. Those vengeful feelings eventually start their story as a legendary metal band.

Someday, with a black flame in one’s heart, I’ll go back to this world and get revenge.


THE LAST METAL houses 1 heavy metal band.

The lineup is the following:

Venomous 8

The lineup is the following from left to right:

  • Sena Sudo (keyboards) – No cast voice
  • Riki Ichimiya (bass) – No cast voice
  • Naru Shinguji (vocals and guitar) – CV: Kento Ito
  • Maya Kudo (vocals) – CV: Keisuke Ueda
  • Jun Hasumi (vocals) – CV: Arthur Lounsbery
  • Van Ugaki (vocals) – CV: Ryota Suzuki
  • Ryo Kiriha (drums) – No cast voice
  • Kaoru Fuki (bass) – No cast voice

The band’s 4 vocals are the following:

Toshiyuki Morikawa is cast as VUCCA, the messenger of God that instructs the band and, somehow, ends up managing them.

Despite the cute appearance, VUCCA is harsh, rough, and selfish.

He does what he wants (which usually involves alcohol) and is able to take the form of a human man if he wants however none of the members of “Venomous 8” have seen it yet.

Promotional video

Val Productions released a promotional video giving a bit of insight into the world of THE LAST METAL and its characters (it’s in Japanese).

Check it out below!


THE LAST METAL franchise kicks off its activities really strong with the release of a short music video for Venomous 8‘s debut song “R.I.P.“.

The song mixes symphonic with speed metal so if you’re into any of those rock sub-genres, this will be a blast to listen to.

You can check the music video below.

The band is going to release its first single “Welcome to the Deadlight City” in 2022. Details can be found HERE.

SOURCE: THE LAST METAL official website

(C) Vul Productions

Translation of all promotional materials by Vanessa Silva (THTFHQ)

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