Tetsuya Kakihara to release first photobook in December

Tetsuya Kakihara is going to release his first photobook this December.

Titled “enjoy?“, Kakihara‘s first photobook is going to be released on 22/12/2017. This photobook is going to be released in partnership with Junon (popular Japanese teen magazine).

Junon released today the first teaser photo:

The photobook includes a special interview with Kakihara about his life in Germany, his alone trip from Germany to Japan with the dream of being seiyuu, his love for beer and exercise and many more things in what is, according to Junon, a packed photobook.

[UPDATE 01/12/2017]

The cover for Tetsuya Kakihara‘s photobook is already out!

At the moment, the photobook is not available for pre-order to overseas fans.

SOURCE: Junon Official twitter account / Rakuten official website