Tetsuya Kakihara “Saichaina” – Final details unveiled


As we approach April, the anticipation regarding Tetsuya Kakihara‘s newest single 咲いちゃいな (Saichaina) grows. With less than a month until its release, the final details regarding the new single were finally unveiled to the fans.

咲いちゃいな (Saichaina) is, as it’s already known, scheduled to be released on 15/04/15, available in two editions: regular and limited. The regular edition is CD only, regarding the limited edition the contents are a little more varied: besides the mandatory CD, it features a DVD containing the promotional video as well as a message card for the fans.

The tracklist, promotional video snippet and the cover art were all unveiled earlier this week. Regarding the tracklist we can say that the single features a total of three tracks, the title track already has its video snippet on Youtube:

1. 咲いちゃいな 
2. world in bloom 
3. Othello

The cover art is the following:

Regular edition
Limited edition

On CDJAPAN, the pre-orders have a first press bonus for the regular edition:

First Press Detail autographed message card (subject to change)
External Bonus CDJapan exclusive KG-size portrait

The bonus for the limited edition is the following:

External Bonus CDJapan exclusive KG-size portrait


Saichaina” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: Kiramune.jp