Tetsuya Kakihara “Call me” (Review)

Tetsuya Kakihara brings out an interesting sound in his new mini-album, Call Me.

Tetsuya Kakihara Call Me
Title: Call me
Label: Kiramune
Release date: 13/03/2013
Genre: Pop/Rock


1 - Call my name
2 - Hands up
3 - Eternal screaming
4 - 運命の引力
5 - ocean flying
6 - Cheers!!

Track by track analysis:

1 – Call my name
We start off with the right foot on this one. Solid, uptempo track with great instrumental, good melody very pop-oriented.

Top notch vocals on this track. I get that “feel-good” impression out of it so I guess it’s a good sign.

2 – Hands up
Another pop-rock song, interesting in its whole but definitely not one of my favs.

I don’t know why but the instrumental in some parts sounds a bit annoying (I guess it’s the background synth we’re talking about). Honorable mention: great guitar solo by the end of the song making it a bit more enjoyable to listen to.

3 – Eternal screaming
By far the best track on the album. If you want a track that has “rock” all over it is this one. Electric vocals and that guitar and drums are absolutely crazy.

4 – 運命の引力 (roughly translated as fatal attraction)
Here it is a traditional R&B ballad with a slow paced instrumental and emotional performances on top.

Angel-like voice from Kakki, beautiful lyrics and a mesmerizing instrumental piece make this song one of the most enjoyable ones to listen to.

5 – ocean flying
Another highlight in this album.

Perfect rock instrumental with an addictive/strong bassline throughout the chorus (some of you might miss it when you listen to the song at first but on a second listen there it is the bass adding spice to the chorus).

Overall great song.

6 – Cheers!!
Not the best track to end the album but nevertheless an interesting track. Up-tempo punk-rock instrumental that works very well in the song the only problem for me are the trumpets… I just don’t see them fitting in the song.

Have I mentioned that the drums go crazy on this one? And that it has a great guitar solo to make up for the excess of trumpets in the song? Yeah that’s right.

But with all that the song doesn’t get more than ok.

Final considerations

Good mini-album with interesting tracks and great vocal work but I get the feeling that “Continuous” was overall a better mini-album, at least a bit more consistent in terms of song quality .

It’s great though to see Kakki singing more rock songs than electro/pop-oriented ones like in his previous works, in my opinion his voice fits best with rock. Can’t wait to hear more music from him.

Call Me is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Call Me / Tetsuya Kakihara
Tetsuya Kakihara


Call my name
Hands up
Eternal screaming
ocean flying
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