Lantis unveil details on Tasuku Hatanaka’s 2021 SEASON’S GREETINGS

Tasuku Hatanaka

Tasuku Hatanaka is going to release his first ever SEASON’S GREETINGS package. Pre-orders are open and details are out!

Popular male seiyuu and solo artist, Tasuku Hatanaka, is going to release his 1st ever SEASON’S GREETINGS package.

TASUKU HATANAKA 2021 SEASON’S GREETINGS is going to feature photos taken in Guam – when Hatanaka went there to record the music video for HISTORY – and pre-orders will kicked off today.

A note that this isn’t a traditional SEASON’S GREETINGS like you’d get, for example, from K-Pop idols – that usually include calendars, photobooks, planners, etc. – this is more a “make your own SEASON’S GREETINGS package” than a full package that you can purchase including everything from the get-go.

With that being said, these are the contents available for purchase (standalone):

  • Calendar
  • Calendar + Photobook with 160 pages of content (COVER SUNLIGHT) – exclusive Animate store
  • Calendar + Photobook with 160 pages of content (COVER SUNSET) – exclusive A-on STORE and L-MART
  • Blanket
  • Bath poster
  • Big tin badge (75mm) (8 types of can badges available)

The covers for the photobook are the following:


A note that, according to Animate, only the covers of the photobook are different between stores, the rest of the contents in the photobook are the same regardless of the store from which you purchase this photobook.

The cover of the calendar is the following:

A couple of previews are out.

Previews of the can badges designs are out.

Can Badge designs

Preview of the blanket is out.

Blanket design

And lastly, a preview of the bath poster is out.

Bath poster

A commentary video is out.

A teaser video is out.

On another note: Tasuku Hatanaka recently released his 4th single, HISTORY.

At the same time, Lantis recently announced plans details on Hatanaka’s 5th single, DYING WISH, and 6th single, Promise for the future.

Source: A-on Store official website


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