Tarusuke Shingaki and Shunichi Toki join cast of Haunted Obachestra

Haunted Obachestra announced the last two members to join the cast.

A brief summary on this project: Haunted Obachestra is a new project by Poni-Pachet (creators of Ozmafia), involving rock music and monsters. Haunted Obachestra is going to have music by Kimiyoshi Maruyama, producer/songwriter part of the producing crew “project lights”. The project has teased a total of 10 characters from vampires to succubus and werewolves. As it is being marketed, Haunted Obachestra is primarily a music project. For more details check HERE.

Haunted Obachestra announced the addition of two new members: Tarusuke Shingaki and Shunichi Toki. They join the cast that already includes Kento Ito, Tomohito TakatsukaToshinari FukamachiSeiichiro YamashitaMakoto Furukawa and Ryota Takeuchi. 

The announcement was made via Haunted Obachestra‘s official twitter account.

Shingaki is going to voice the Meidoh triplets, Henas, Dhyos and Treis and Shunichi is going to voice Laynnreix Finistère. For more details on each character, please visit the official website (link below).

SOURCE: Obachestra official website