Takuma Terashima “Buddy, steady, go!” (Review)

Terashima’s new single is quite the unique one.

Buddy, steady, go! is scheduled to be released on 28/08/2019, available in regular and limited editions.

Limited edition
Title: Reboot 
Label: Lantis 
Release date: 22/03/2017 
Genre: Pop/Rock


1 - Buddy, steady, go!  
2 - サマータイマー 
4 - Buddy, steady, go! (Instrumental)
5 - サマータイマー (Instrumental) 
6 - MONSTER(Instrumental)

Track by track analysis:

1 – Buddy, steady, go!  

Dramatic, sentai inspired guitar riffs add excitement to Buddy, steady, go!. The instrumental mixes rock with dance elements but it is mainly a textbook sentai song focused on telling a story and making the listener feel the excitement with each melody and line.

Terashima tackles this song in upbeat fashion, adding an extra layer of energy to this simple song. 4/5

2 – サマータイマー 

Playful, pop-punk rock guitar riffs, fast-paced, snare driven drums and a speedy, deep bass line are enough to channel summertime. The vocals are filled with energy and perfectly complement this song. 5/5


To wrap up this release we have the fast paced MONSTER. Although Terashima has previously explored dance music , this is the first time that he performs a song as unique as this one. This song has big melodies in the intro but it is quite minimalistic and dark as it progresses, putting its focus on the dreamy synth lead that immediately grabs your attention. The second verse is quite different and brings to the table brass. While not the best part of the song, it adds to the uniqueness of this track. On the vocal end, Terashima mixes clean vocals with rap, further making this song stand out for its unique sorority and composition within his repertoire. 5/5

Final rating:

Takuma terashima’s Buddy, fight, go! is quite an interesting entry in his repertoire.

The single features three tracks and none of them share the same music genres.

The title track is a textbook sentai tune, made to excite the listener, simplistic at its core and puts a big focus on electric guitars to give a heroic touch.

Summer Time however puts those guitars to use in a different way, exploring punk-pop melodies all while channeling  summer.

The single wraps up with the best song on this release, one that is a odd as it is fresh and addictive. MONSTER explores Terashima’s debut dance music self and takes it one step forward. Its lead synth melody caught our attention right from the start and, although the song tries to explore many things at once, it easily stands as the single’s best song.

All in all, Buddy, fight, go! Is a unique release that starts off a bit weak but finishes up strongly.

Buddy, steady, go! is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


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