Takashi Kondo and Hiroyuki Yoshino join guest cast of BADASS PSY-KICKS! stage play

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Takashi Kondo and Hiroyuki Yoshino are the newest additions to the guest cast of BADASS PSY-KICKS!.

It was announced yesterday that Takashi Kondo and Hiroyuki Yoshino have joined  the guest cast of BADASS PSY-KICKS!, original stage play created and performed by Subaru Kimura‘s theatre troupe “Tensai Gekidan Bakabakka“.

BADASS PSY-KICKS! is labeled as a “pop and dirty psychic comedy“.

Last month Junya Enoki, Daisuke Hirakawa and Hiroki Touchi were added to the guest cast.

The play already counts from the get-go with Jun Fukuyama, Yuto Suzuki, Show Hayami, Soma Saito, Ryota Takeuchi, Ryotaro Okiayu, Showtaro Morikubo and Tomokazu Seki as guests.

The stage play is going to run between February 23, 2018 to March 4, 2018.

The dates are the following (including guest seiyuu):

  • 23/02 (evening) – Yuto Suzuki
  • 24/02 (afternoon) – Ryota Takeuchi
  • 24/02 (evening) – Ryota Takeuchi
  • 25/02 (evening) – Jun Fukuyama
  • 26/02 (evening) – Daisuke Hirakawa
  • 27/02 (afternoon) – Takashi Kondo
  • 27/02 (evening) – Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • 28/02 (evening) – Show Hayami
  • 01/03 (afternoon) – Junya Enoki
  • 01/03 (evening) – Hiroki Touchi
  • 02/03 (evening) – Ryotaro Okiayu
  • 03/03 (evening) – Soma Saito
  • 04/03 (day) – Showtaro Morikubo
  • 04/03 (afternoon) – Tomokazu Seki

For more information about this stage play – including ticketing – please refer to Tensai Gekidan Bakabakka‘s official website.

Source: Tensai Gekidan Bakabakka official twitter account / Tensai Gekidan Bakabakka official website