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This year's lineup for SEASIDE SUMMER FESTIVAL is out. SEASIDE SUMMER FESTIVAL 2019 is going to be held at Nakano Sun Plaza on 28/07/2019. The event counts with noon and evening sessions featuring performances formed out of Seaside Station's radio personalities. BELOVED MEMORIES - Atsushi Tamaru and Yuma Uchida - and TOKYO FINE BOYS - Yuki Inoue and Rikuya Yasuda -...

Gekidan Altair release previews to solo tracks to be included in the upcoming album

Gekidan Altair's units (Rigel, Regulus and Sargas) return in 2018 with a new album, Tsukipro has already several snippets to the solo tracks that are part of their short stories collaboration with Animate Times. Over the past month, Tsukipro has been releasing snippets of the solo tracks included in the special short stories that have been published during this past...

Gekidan Altair to release album + drama CDs in 2018

Gekidan Altair's units (Rigel, Regulus and Sargas) return in 2018 with new music. It was announced yesterday at AGF2017 that Gekidan Altair's units are going to release a full length album (including 19 character songs) in the upcoming year. Two drama CDs are scheduled as well to be released in 2018. The solo songs are linked with the short stories that have...

Gekidan Altair SPRING FESTIVAL 2017 to be released on DVD this month

Gekidan Altair SPRING FESTIVAL 2017 is going to be released on DVD this month. The event held at NEW PIERHALL on 15/04/2017 and 16/04//2017, is finally going to be released on DVD. Gekidan Altair SPRING FESTIVAL 2017 counted with the presence of all their units: Sargas, Regulus and Rigel. The event was mainly a musical but there were parts in which it was...

Tsukicro & Altair Theatre to release joint single

Tsukicro (a division of Tsukino Production that is house to stage actors) is set to release a joint single with Altair Theatre's units (Rigel, Regulus and Sargas). The single is titled "僕らはSummer" and is scheduled to be released on 30/08/2017, available in 5 different editions (A, B, C, D & normal). This time around we 5 different covers. The cover art...

RIGEL “Baby Love” (Review)

The unit consisting of Yuki Inoue, Keisuke Furuhata, Junya Komatsu and Tatsuya Tokutake return with a new single titled "Baby Love". Featured on their second drama CD, RIGEL bring something unexpected to the table. Title: Rigel vol.2 -evolution- Release date: 17/03/2017 Label: Tsukicro Genre: Ballad/R&B/Pop Tracklist: 1. ドラマ「それぞれの・1-リンタロウの場合-」 2. ドラマ「それぞれの・2-マキの場合-」 3. ドラマ「それぞれの・3-ヨウスケの場合-」 4. ドラマ「それぞれの・4-イズモの場合-」 5. ドラマ「Rigel」 6. Baby Love 7. キャスト座談会-Rigelの場合- Track analysis: 6. Baby Love This is by far RIGEL's best song to date....

RIGEL “Break it Down” (Review)

In what is their first ever single - "Now or Never" is their first song but it was part of a drama cd - Rigel impress us with a colorful performance full of exciting moments. For those of you that might not know, Yuki Inoue, Keisuke Furuhata, Junya Komatsu and Tatsuya Tokutake are the members of Rigel. Title: Break it Down Release date: 15/02/2017 Label: Tsukicro...

Rookie group “RIGEL” is set to release two singles

Rigel is one of the new units to join the ranks of Tsukino Production, home of top units SolidS, QUELL, SOARA and GROWTH. This new unit is part of ALTAIR Theatre, a fictional agency under Tsukino-Pro's supervision. Yuki Inoue, Keisuke Furuhata, Junya Komatsu and Tatsuya Tokutake come from different backgrounds (seiyuu, musical actor) but have gathered in one place to form this...





SQ「Neo X Lied」Series vol.1

Review | Shiki and Issei “Neo X Lied series vol.1”

Shiki and Issei teamed up for the very 1st entry in the NEO X Lied series and fans get quiet the impressive track in the process.
Shugo Nakamura Oh No!!

Review | Shugo Nakamura “Oh No!!”

Shugo Nakamura brought a classy brand of funk-rock with jazz undertones in his stellar digital single, "Oh No!!".
TRIGGER My Precious World

Review | TRIGGER “My Precious World”

My Precious World puts TRIGGER outside of their comfort zone, going for a bassy, dreamy sound that begs for - and gets - a powerful, intense performance in return.
Makoto Furukawa Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari regular

Review | Makoto Furukawa “Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari”

Makoto Furukawa goes for a bewitching performance in the masterful single that is "Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari".
Showtaro Morikubo WAY OUT

Review | Showtaro Morikubo “WAY OUT”

Showtaro Morikubo goes darker and darker with his new single, WAY OUT.