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Toshiki Masuda graces cover of TV Guide VOICE STARS vol.29

Popular seiyuu, stage actor and solo artist Toshiki Masuda graces the cover of TV Guide VOICE STARS vol.29.

Review | Roa and Shio “Mikansei Fighter”

pioniX's Roa and Shio team up for an exciting Sentai-themed pop-rock tune in the new song "Mikansei Fighter".

Sir Vanity to release new digital single “RiR”

Just before the end of 2023, Sir Vanity, band fronted by Yuichiro Umehara and Yoshiki Nakajima, arrives with the digital single "RiR".

DRAMATIC STARS and S.E.M team up for special CD

DRAMATIC STARS and S.E.M are set to release a joint single titled "F@NTASTIC COMBINATION - BRAINPOWER!" in October 2023.

Reboost Unveils Details On “TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! Ep.1 Reboost”

Reboost is the first unit up in the "TRUST" CD series. "TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! Ep.1 Reboost" hits stores in September 22, 2023.

pionix’s Roa and Shio to release “Mikansei Fighter” in June

pioniX officially kicks off its new CD series "XX Series". Roa and Shio team up for "Mikansei Fighter".

Review | UMake “ATMOSPHERE”

The album "ATMOSPHERE" by UMake perfectly captures the duo's laidback, cozy vibe and simple semi-acoustic rock sound.

Review | Sir Vanity “midnight sun”

Sir Vanity's "midnight sun" showcases the band's versatility within rock music while delivering a set of perfect performances.
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