Out this Week | Yuma Uchida “Y”, Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Charactanswer” and more

Big weak ahead with Yuma Uchida releasing his 3rd full-length album "Y", Toshiyuki Toyonaga making a comeback with "Charactanswer" and more.

Café Parade and Mofumofuen to release “CIRCLE OF DELIGHT” CDs in January

Café Parade and Mofumofuen are the next groups up in THE IDOLM@STER SideM franchise to participate in the "CIRCLE OF DELIGHT" CD series.

Avex unveils details on “Paradox Live -Road to Legend- Round1 “RAGE””

Under the theme of "RAGE", cozmez, VISTY, Akkan Yatsura and Goku Luck battle towards becoming a legend.

Review | “Paradox Live Opening Show-Road to Legend-“

The Paradox Live franchise kicks off a new chapter with new teams, renewed ambitions and a whole lot of love for hip-hop's subgenres.

Avex unveils details on “Paradox Live Opening Show-Road to Legend-“

Details on "Paradox Live Opening Show-Road to Legend-" are out. VISTY, AMPRULE, 1Nm8 and Goku Luck release their debuts songs in this album.

Yoshiki Nakajima, Shoya Chiba and more join Paradox Live franchise

The Paradox Live franchise celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a big announcement, taking the franchise's groups from 5 to 9.