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SOARA, Growth, SolidS & QUELL “Dear Dreamer” (Review)

"Dear Dreamer" is here to wrap up on a sweet note the streak of perfect releases featured on TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION.  Title: DearDreamer Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 15/06/2018 Genre: Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1 - Dear Dreamer Track analysis: 1 - DearDreamer TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION wrapped up its first season with a special song. With a few exceptions, end of the season songs in idol anime tend to be lackluster,...

Growth “Hidamari ni Saku” (Review)

Growth present us with their last song featured on TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION. There will be times in which Hidamari ni Saku will leave you in awe, and others in which you'll be dealing with chills running down your spine. This is one of the quartet's most complete performances to date. Title: 陽だまりに咲く Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 18/05/2018 Genre: Pop Tracklist: 1 - 陽だまりに咲く Track by track analysis: 1 - 陽だまりに咲く Hidamari ni Saku wraps up...

SOARA “Mirai e no Okurimono” (Review)

SOARA steal the show with "Mirai e no Okurimono", a breathtakingly beautiful acoustic ballad that goes beyond anything we know about this quintet. Title: 未来への贈り物 Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 27/04/2018 Genre: Acoustic ballad Tracklist: 1 - 未来への贈り物 Track analysis: 1 - 未来への贈り物 (A gift for the future) Up until now, SOARA had delivered us youthful, upbeat and thoroughly entertaining pop-rock tunes. Some were a hit, others a miss but this group never failed to...

QUELL “Arigato” (Review)

QUELL are back in their element with “Arigato”, an ethereal vocal ballad, with sweet, lullaby-ish performances and a classy, minimalistic instrumental. This is the kind of ballad you want to be listening to on any occasion. Title: Arigato Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 18/05/2018 Genre: Ballad Tracklist: 1 - ありがとう Track analysis: 1 - ありがとう QUELL stray away from their electronic pop sound to deliver a stunning performance with...

SolidS “Unmei o koeru”Venga” (Review)

SolidS wrap up their batch of songs for TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION with the dramatic Unmei o koeru"Venga". Rich vocals with a new duo as the center piece, focus on acoustic elements, and a dramatic tone are just some of the greeting cards for what is yet another outstanding performance from this talented quartet. Title: 運命を越える"Venga" Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 27/04/2018 Genre: Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1 - 運命を越える"Venga" Track analysis: 1 - 運命を越える"Venga"...

ZIX “brilliant” (Review)

Tsukipro’s newest unit on the block is ZIX. The duo impressed on their first try with “brilliant”, single that embraces an exciting rock sound filled of bass goodness and solid vocal performances. ZIX consist on Makoto Sugai, voiced by Daiki Hamano and Mitsuru Hishida, voiced by Takumi Watanabe. This unit is signed under Sun Promotion Entertainment (Sunpro), Tsukipro's rival entertainment...

SOARA “Start Line~Boys, Be Mighty~” (Review)

SOARA returned to well known territory for "Start Line~Boys, Be Mighty~", an exciting pop-rock song that although it will have you sing along to its chorus, it paled in comparison with previous releases. Title: スタートライン ~Boys, Be Mighty~ Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 23/02/2018 Genre: Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1 - スタートライン ~Boys, Be Mighty~ Track analysis: 1 - スタートライン ~Boys, Be Mighty~ SOARA’s 3rd release for TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION heads towards familiar...

TSUKIPRO unveils details on ZIX’s debut single

Today, Tsukipro unveiled the tracklist and song previews for ZIX's debut single. A brief introduction (contains mild spoilers): ZIX were introduced during the eight episode of the TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION series. They are Growth's rival unit, both leaders (Kouki and Makoto) know each other pretty well from what people could see during the episode. The rest of the dynamic between both groups...

SolidS “Back On Track” (Review)

SolidS' didn't spare anything for "Back On Track". There’s no escaping its summery vibe, that dreamlike soundscape and the vast improvements in the vocal department. SolidS’ have found their groove and nothing seems to stop them. Title: Back On Track Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 23/02/2018 Genre: Electronic Pop Tracklist: 1 - Back On Track Track analysis: 1 - Back On Track If with “Burny!!!” fans got a taste of...

Growth “one day…” (Review)

With marriage as the backdrop for this new tune, "one day..." unveils a rawer, simpler side to Growth, one fans aren't used to but is enough to sweep everyone off their feet. Title: one day... Label: Tsukino Production/Movic Release date: 26/01/2018 Genre: Ballad Tracklist: 1 - one day... Track by track analysis: 1 - one day... The tone and pacing for "one day..." is quite unique if you've...





Paradox Live Stage Battle FAMILY

Review | cozmez & Akkan Yatsura “FAMILY”

Paradox Live's fans and hip-hop win in cozmez and Akkan Yatsura's battle for FAMILY.
Paradox Live PRIDE

Review | BAE & The Cat’s Whiskers “PRIDE”

BAE and The Cat's Whiskers proved their worth with intense, stylish and aesthetically pleasing songs in a battle for PRIDE.
Paradox Live Stage Battle JUSTICE

Review | The Cat’s Whiskers & Akkan Yatsura “JUSTICE”

PARADOX LIVE STAGE BATTLE "JUSTICE" counts with polarizing approaches and making different interpretations of the concept of "JUSTICE".

Review | KiLLER KiNG “Good Liar”

KiLLER KiNG go for quite the loungy, groovy sound with their new single, "Good Liar". This mature take on their sound made them shine.


VAZZY bring tropical pop alongside acoustic rock to the table for "YELLOW". Although not flawless, this is quite the entertaining single with its fair share of sweet moments.