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Shouta Aoi “S” (Review)

Shouta Aoi has finally released S. Featuring his top hits since his major debut, Shouta dazzles his listeners with dance beats, power vocals and energetic performances. Album: S Label: Broccoli Release date: 18/05/16 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 1. S 2. ブルーバード 3. Virginal 4. True Hearts 5. 秘密のクチヅケ 6. UNLIMITED 7. Murasaki 8. Brilliant Moon~月つき白炎かげろう~ 9. 絶世スターゲイト 10. 汝の言霊 11. START! 12. 汝の言霊 Ballad Ver. Track by track analysis: 1. S Powerful guitar riffs lead the way in this rocking...

Shouta Aoi “UNLIMITED” (Review)

Shouta Aoi's first album UNLIMITED is finally out. With almost a complete batch of new tracks and some of the fans' favorite singles, this is certainly an album that won't bore you. Single: UNLIMITED Label: Broccoli/b-green Release date: 22/04/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 01. UNLIMITED 02. Virginal 03. 秘密のクチヅケ 04. 空は透明な誓い 05. SETSUNA DROP 06. spilt memories 07. HEAVEN! 08. タッチ ツー テイク トリコ 09. TRUE HEARTS 10. NO WEAK⇔YES WEEK 11. 天使の祈り 12. Melodia Track by track analysis: 01. UNLIMITED UNLIMITED is a dance-pop track reminding us of the good old T.M.Revolution's...

Shouta Aoi “UNLIMITED” – Final details available

Shouta Aoi's first album "UNLIMITED" is scheduled to be released by the end of April and the final details regarding it are finally available.  UNLIMITED's promotional video snippet is already available on Broccoli's official Youtube account. https://youtu.be/zXtjnvcErqo The cover art is the following: As it's already known "UNLIMITED" is scheduled to be released on 22/04/2015 and is available in three editions: regular, limited A and...

Shouta Aoi “UNLIMITED” – Details unveiled

Shouta Aoi is making his comeback in April with his newest album "UNLIMITED". The final details regarding this release are finally available. The cover art is finally available on Shouta's official website and is the following: As it's already known "UNLIMITED" is scheduled to be released on 22/04/2015 and is available in three editions: regular, limited A and B. The contents of each edition...

Shouta Aoi announces first album release

Shouta Aoi is working on his comeback. The 27 year-old singer / seiyuu is back with something fresh for his fans.  After the release of "Himitsu no Kuchidzuke" back in last December, Shouta is more than ready to present his fans with his first album titled "UNLIMITED". "UNLIMITED" is scheduled to be released on 22/04/2015, available in three editions: regular, limited A...





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