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The results are in!

It's that time of the year, the time for the annual polls and us in The Hand That Feeds HQ decided to make our first ever readers powered poll - and what a poll! Our readers were put before an impossible task - to choose only 3 seiyuu that they think are the ones with the best singing voice....

Lagrange Point to release new single in 2016

Lagrange Point are back with a new single in 2016. Rejet's romantic rock duo consisting of Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Genki Okawa is going to release their 6th single, set to be released in the first quarter of 2016. More details under the cuff. Titled "Prisoner", the new single is scheduled to be released on 10/02/2016, available in three editions: Lagrange Point, Shy...

Lagrange Point 「愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ」(Review)

Lagrange Point's powerful new release「愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ」is out. We checked out how greatly this unit fared in their "heaviest" approach to date to their sound. Let's kick off this review! Single:愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ Label: Rejet Release date: 14/10/15 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1.愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ 2.惡の華 3.六十九夜(SixNineNight) 4.BLACKOUT/WHITEOUT 5.愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ -off vocal- 6.惡の華 -off vocal- 7.六十九夜(SixNineNight) -off vocal- 8.BLACKOUT/WHITEOUT -off vocal- Track by track analysis: 1.愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ "Ai to iu kotoba o nikumu hibi ga towa ni tsudzuite mo ore o yurushite kure" might...

Lagrange Point 「愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ」- Details unveiled

Lagrange Point are making their comeback with a new single in October. Currently Rejet's most complete and consistent unit, Lagrange Point release their fifth single titled 「愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ」, single that is already sounding "heavier" than "Beautiful Phantom". We take a look at the details Rejet has unveiled so far in this post. Titled 愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ (Ai to iu kotoba o nikumu hibi ga towa...

Lagrange Point to release 5th single in November

It's official! Lagrange Point are back with a new single before the end of the year. The romantic pop-rockers bring us another release ready to mesmerize us. More details under the cuff. This new release was announced today on Rejet's 27 Hour Broadcast "Wasshoi!!" on Nico Nico Douga, the broadcast that feautured the members of Marginal#4, Lagrange Point and Unicorn Jr.,...

Monthly Whisper #3 – Funky Summer Jams (Part 1)

Returning this month with another edition of Monthly Whisper, we have a special feature, that'll be divided into two parts. The first part will be published this month and it'll titled "Funky Summer Jams".  I'll present you with 5 tracks that really brings us that "summer vibe" going on. As usual, I hope you like it, and without any further ado, let's...

Monthly Whisper #1- Seiyuu Ballads

Monthly Whisper makes its first appearance and what a better way to kick off this month than with some ballads that are everlasting and so beautiful. Ballads aren't that much appreciated by many people but when it comes to my opinion it’s probably the easiest and fastest way to step into the seiyuu world. With this being the first of many,...

TOP 10 Best Seiyuu unit music releases – 2014 EDITION

As we approach the end of 2014, we take a good look at this years' best seiyuu unit releases. This year had a lot of releases in that particular area, with Rejet's seiyuu units overpowering every other unit in terms of the number of releases per year. Lagrange Point released 2 singles and Marginal#4 released 3 singles and an album....

Seiyuu Digest #1 – Lagrange Point

Seiyuu Digest #1 - Lagrange Point
We finally kick off our newest corner titled Seiyuu Digest. This month we cover the career of one of the most impactful units in the seiyuu business, 2014's monster rookies, Lagrange Point.

Lagrange Point “Catastrophe” (Review)

Lagrange Point make their debut as the second seiyuu unit coming out of otome game/drama CD company Rejet. Their seniors in terms of debut, Marginal #4, are already in the music business since 2013 and have managed to impress almost everyone in the business, of course we're talking about the best seiyuu unit at the time in Japan. Let's...





EROSION From a Spicy Peak

Review | EROSION “From a Spicy Peak”

EROSION make a bang with their debut single, From a Spicy Peak.
Revale Mirai Notes o Kanadete

Review | Re:vale “Mirai Notes o Kanadete”

Re:vale continue to impress with their growth and newfound approach to their music in "Mirai Notes o Kanadete".

Review | QUELL “HEART”

QUELL continue to explore the limits of their creativity with HEART and what follows is pure quality music.


IDOLiSH7 showcase a matured sound and improved chemistry and vocals in DiSCOVER THE FUTURE.

Review | Rei Sukigawa “Rei no Historia”

Orchestral rock paints Rei Sukigawa's "Rei no Historia" in an intense yet delicate way. Hypnotizing single.