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Loulou*di to Release “THINK OF ME: CHOOSE” in June

Loulou*di is ready for a new entry in the THINK OF ME CD series titled "THINK OF ME: CHOOSE".

Review | Loulou*di “DÉJÀ VU”

Loulou*di takes you on a sorrowful yet beautiful journey through their world and stories in "THINK OF ME: DÉJÀ VU".

DIG-ROCK 1st LIVE FLASH to be released on Blu-ray

DIG-ROCK's 1st LIVE FLASH gets a release on Blu-ray, including live performances by Impish Crow, RUBIA Leopard, and HOUND ROAR.

Dear Vocalist franchise announces 8th season of CDs “Headliner”

After a one-year hiatus, the Dear Vocalist franchise is back. The 8th season of CDs titled "Dear Vocalist Headliner" kicks off in 2024.

Loulou*di to Release “THINK OF ME: DÉJÀ VU” in December

Just before the end of the year, Loulou*di is back with a new CD in the THINK OF ME CD series titled "THINK OF ME: DÉJÀ VU".

Review | Loulou*di “THINK OF ME: NOTHING”

In "NOTHING", Loulou*di delivers haunting yet alluring performances that linger with you long after the music ends.

“OREPARA 2022 This 15 It” to be released on Blu-ray in September

OREPARA's 15th anniversary live show "OREPARA 2022 This 15 It" gets a jam-packed release on Blu-ray this September.

Toshiyuki Toyonaga to release new album “Charactanswer”

The multitalented seiyuu and singer-songwriter Toshiyuki Toyonaga is working on his new album "Charactanswer".
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