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AD-LIVE 21: Cast, dates and locations announced

A star-studded cast of seiyuu is ready for more crazy and unpredictable shenanigans in this year's edition of AD-LIVE.

Seiyuu Digest #76 – Tomokazu Sugita

Quirky personality, booming bass voice, a repertoire of iconic roles in anime and games, and an awesome person, it's no wonder that Tomokazu Sugita is beloved among seiyuu.

Tomokazu Seki releases independent short movie on youtube

After joining youtube in April, Tomokazu Seki released a short movie on his channel. Veteran seiyuu, actor and...

Male seiyuu cheer up fans on social media with music and challenges

During lockdown, male seiyuu have been finding new ways to entertain their fans.

Tomokazu Sugita opens official Youtube channel

The newest Mr. CEO in town, Tomokazu Sugita, has opened his official Youtube channel. After leaving Atomic Monkey...

Tomokazu Sugita has left Atomic Monkey

Tomokazu Sugita recently left Atomic Monkey to establish his own talent agency. In a statement, Atomic Monkey announced...

Yuki Ono releases highlight medley for “Winter Voice Friends”

Yuki Ono released the highlight medley for Winter Voice Friends. Winter Voice Friends is scheduled to be released on...

Yuki Ono releases full music video for Mission”CLAUS”

Yuki Ono released the full music video for Mission"CLAUS". Winter Voice Friends is scheduled to be released on 18/12/2019,...
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