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Tokyo Color Sonic!! Special Live~Grow up!!~ to be released on Blu-ray

Tokyo Color Sonic!! Special Live~Grow up!!~, special live show + live reading event held in 2023 gets a special release on Blu-ray.

Review | TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! “Recall”

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! Recall is the perfect entry point into a franchise all about quality music, unshakable bonds and memorable performances.


"If" by TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! is a perfect ending to their second season of CDs, highlighting impressive growth in vocals and instrumentals.

Review | IORI “praying”

Iori's "Praying" is a standout performance in TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! with impressive minimalism and technical skill.

Review | KAIRI “secret riff maker”

KAIRI arrives with the full-throttle rock tune "secret riff maker", featuring a fierce performance by Shunsuke Takeuchi.

Review | TOMOE “Moratorium”

Immerse yourself in a stylish tune as Yuya Hirose's mesmerizing performance leaves you craving for more in Tomoe's "Moratorium".

Review | TOWA “Wonderland”

TOWA's "Wonderland" is a soothing song, embracing an acoustic pop-rock sound that fits perfectly with Gakuto Kajiwara's clear vocals.

Monthly Review: XlamV’s nu-disco “Groovy Night”, Yuma Uchida’s sexy “DangeR” and more

Yuma Uchida and XlamV continue a streak of innovative digital singles, Executioner impresses, and more. Check all the highlights in June 2023.
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