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Review | SETSUNA “Might be”

Anthos*'s The Way I Am series wraps up with an outstanding performance in the groovy and dreamy "Might be" by SETSUNA.

Review | LIHITO “Pain in my heart”

Broken, hurt yet still trying to mend himself, LIHITO delivers an emotional performance in the dreamy “Pain in my heart”.

Review | KAORU “Breathe”

KAORU stops to take a breather in a beautiful, dreamy soundscape you’ll want to lose yourself in “Breathe”.

Review | RYOGA “The Days”

Behind a melancholic - at times even dark - story comes a beautiful and hopeful song in RYOGA's "The Days".

Review | HARUTA “Taiyo ga Nemutteru Jikan ni”

HARUTA tip-toes his way through a dreamy soundscape as warm and bright as the sun in “Taiyo ga Nemutteru jikan ni”.

Review | MAHIRO “Tycoon”

The intensity of trap music takes over Mahiro’s “Tycoon” however suboptimal vocal direction and lack of clarity in the chorus drag it down.

Review | CHISE “Persona”

Chise’s “Persona” is a showcase of pure elegance and charisma in what is one of the grooviest songs in The Way I am CD series.

Hana-Doll* unveil details on SETSUNA’s solo release

Details on SETSUNA's solo release are out. This release is an extra release included in the Anthos* The Way I Am series.
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