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OLDCODEX “Fixed Engine” – Teaser video released

"Fixed Engine" is surrounded by an a thunderous hype as Lantis has released the promotional teaser for OLDCODEX's new track "Anthem". The album scheduled to be released this summer counts with an additional new track. More on this below. 「Fixed Engine」is scheduled to be released on 08/06/16, available in three different editions: red, green and blue. "Anthem" is the track set to...

PENTACLE★★ are back with a new single [UPDATED]

Rejet's unit PENTACLE★★, created for last season's anime "Dance With Devils", is back with a new single. This time the unit gets a new member - seiyuu and rocker Tatsuhisa Suzuki. More details about this new release under the cuff. Announced yesterday on Rejet's winter event "Change", live broadcasted on Nico Nico and on Rejet's official youtube channel, PENTACLE★★ are making their comeback...


Our answer to the reader-powered TOP 15 SEIYUU WITH THE BEST SINGING VOICE is here. After the fans’ votes on our 1st ever poll we got to see something that wasn’t totally unexpected – a popularity contest - although at the early stages the top 15 had some interesting names on it. But we also know that fans are biased –...

OLDCODEX – Aching Horns (Review)

OLDCODEX return once again with a single, Aching Horns. This single is the main theme of the recent movie of the Free! series "High Speed! -Free! Starting Days". This is their fourth single released this year following Lantana and FEED A. Without any further ado let's get this review started. More information regarding the single: Single: Aching Horns Label: Lantis Release date:16/12/15 Genre: Punk-rock Tracklist 1 ACHING HORNS 2 REMINDER 3 GET...

The results are in!

It's that time of the year, the time for the annual polls and us in The Hand That Feeds HQ decided to make our first ever readers powered poll - and what a poll! Our readers were put before an impossible task - to choose only 3 seiyuu that they think are the ones with the best singing voice....

OLDCODEX “Aching Horns” – Details unveiled

OLDCODEX are making their comeback by the end of the year with their new single "Aching Horns", the song set as the opening theme for "High Speed! Free! Starting Days" is now available in a teaser video on Lantis' official youtube channel. "Aching Horns" is scheduled to be released on 16/12/2015, available in three editions: regular, anime and limited edition. The cover art is the...

OLDCODEX to perform the opening theme for “High Speed! Free! Starting Days”

The punk-rockers led by Ta_2 (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) are back with yet another single right before the end of the year. OLDCODEX are set to perform the opening theme for "High Speed! Free! Starting Days". Still untitled, the single is scheduled to be released on 16/12/2015. The new single will be available in three editions: regular, anime and limited edition. Regarding the contents...

VOTE NOW to feature your favorite male seiyuu in our annual TOP 15

Two years ago we made our first TOP 15 SEIYUU WITH THE BEST SINGING VOICE. Everyone's response to it was amazing (it's was our #1 searched article for more than a year, thanks guys), but at that time we kind of dropped the idea of making it an annual feature in our website as we were only starting off, and very few people...

OLDCODEX “Feed A” – Final details unveiled

OLDCODEX brings us their third release of the year with "Feed A". The single set to be featured as the opening theme for anime "God Eater", is scheduled to be released this August. Lantis has finally revealed the last details regarding OCD's 11th single. "Feed A" is scheduled to be released on 05/08/2015, and is available in two editions: regular and limited. The cover art...

OLDCODEX to perform the opening theme for “God Eater”

OLDCODEX seem to be unstoppable this summer, the punk-rockers are back with yet another single. This time the new single will be featured in next season anime "God Eater" as its opening theme. Still untitled, the new single is scheduled to be released on 05/08/2015, available in two editions: regular and limited. This will be the follow up to the new single,...





Paradox Live Stage Battle FAMILY

Review | cozmez & Akkan Yatsura “FAMILY”

Paradox Live's fans and hip-hop win in cozmez and Akkan Yatsura's battle for FAMILY.
Paradox Live PRIDE

Review | BAE & The Cat’s Whiskers “PRIDE”

BAE and The Cat's Whiskers proved their worth with intense, stylish and aesthetically pleasing songs in a battle for PRIDE.
Paradox Live Stage Battle JUSTICE

Review | The Cat’s Whiskers & Akkan Yatsura “JUSTICE”

PARADOX LIVE STAGE BATTLE "JUSTICE" counts with polarizing approaches and making different interpretations of the concept of "JUSTICE".

Review | KiLLER KiNG “Good Liar”

KiLLER KiNG go for quite the loungy, groovy sound with their new single, "Good Liar". This mature take on their sound made them shine.


VAZZY bring tropical pop alongside acoustic rock to the table for "YELLOW". Although not flawless, this is quite the entertaining single with its fair share of sweet moments.