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Movic unveils details on Reiji Amaha’s “emerald x aquamarine”

Details on the 4th entry in the 4th season of the bi-color CD series are out. ROCK DOWN's Reiji Amaha releases "emerald x aquamarine".

VAZZROCK LIVE 2022 to be released on Blu-ray

Revisit the exciting performances from VAZZROCK LIVE 2022 on a special Blu-ray dropping in 2023.

How Is It That Almost All Voice Actors Can Sing (Well)?

Seiyuu join 2D music projects, debut as solo artists, and join bands. But how is it that almost all voice actors sing well?

Lis Oeuf unveils lineup for vol.26

Lis Oeuf unveiled the 1st batch of features for its vol.26. Kento Hama and Takuya Sato talk about A3! and more.

VAZZROCK LIVE 2022 to be held in September

Tsukipro announced that VAZZROCK's VAZZY and ROCK DOWN will hop on stage in September for VAZZROCK LIVE 2022.

Takuya Sato features on POPEYE magazine

POPEYE includes a special feature in its latest issue with Takuya Sato about the ongoing anime IDOLiSH7 Third Beat.

Takuya Sato to release photobook in May

The talented voice actor, narrator and singer releases a travel photobook in May.

VOICE OVER give sneak peek of Tasuku Hatanaka’s feature

A sneak peek of Tasuku Hatanaka's feature, included in VOICE OVER's NO.9 issue, is here.
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