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Babylon-Nova to release 3 digital CDs this summer

The JAMROCK franchise is back with a new set of digital singles, this time around helmed by the new group, Babylon-Nova.

Seikowa 3rd season to be released on Blu-ray

Rewatch the ghost stories in Seikowa 3 from the comfort of your home with the Blu-ray release hitting stores this March.

Seiyuu Digest #96 – Takuma Nagatsuka

A multi-talented musician, passionate voice actor with a unique, androgynous voice and a whole lot of talent to showcase.

M4!!!! to release 3rd mini-album “ONE AND ONLY”

Two years since the talented quartet released "Advance", M4!!!! is back with a 3rd mini-album titled "ONE AND ONLY".

Seikowa 3rd act to premiere in November

It is the season! Seikowa is back with more scary stories told by male seiyuu. The 3rd act kicks off in November 2022.

Takuma Nagatsuka to hold First Event Talk & Mini Live in August [UPDATED]

Fans will get to meet Takuma Nagatsuka in what is his first event talk and mini live event taking place this August.

Takuma Nagatsuka to release 2nd mini-album in November

After a year without any music releases, Takuma Nagatsuka announces his comeback with a 2nd mini-album set for release in November.

RADIO M4!!!! FAN MEETING 2022「ONE AND ONLY」 to be held fan in June

The seiyuu unit M4!!!! is back for its first fan meeting event since 2019.
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