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Shouta Aoi to release new digital single “EVOLVE”

Popular seiyuu and solo artist Shouta Aoi is set to release a new digital single, titled "EVOLVE", in March.

Out this Week | Anthos*, Utapri, Beit and more

Anthos* releases a new entry in the THINK OF ME CD series, the Utapri franchise release a new single and SideM's groups are back.

Swiiiiiits! to release new single “Okashi wa Uchyu”

After two years of waiting for the release of new music by Swiiiiiits!, Movic confirmed the release of "Okashi wa Uchyu".

Swiiiiiits! to release new single “See You Again” + new pair CDs in 2022

It's been a while since fans got to listen to Swiiiiiits!. The group is back with new music in 2022 including a new group and pair songs.