Out this Week | Yuma Uchida “Y”, Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Charactanswer” and more

Big weak ahead with Yuma Uchida releasing his 3rd full-length album "Y", Toshiyuki Toyonaga making a comeback with "Charactanswer" and more.

Café Parade and Mofumofuen to release “CIRCLE OF DELIGHT” CDs in January

Café Parade and Mofumofuen are the next groups up in THE IDOLM@STER SideM franchise to participate in the "CIRCLE OF DELIGHT" CD series.

MARGINAL #4 Spectacle Tour – Details about the new shuffle series

Marginal #4, Lagrange Point and Unicorn Jr. are set to release new singles this year. All three units will shuffle for this series. MARGINAL # 4...

Marginal #4, Lagrange Point and Unicorn Jr. to return with new music

It seems that Pythagoras Production have a lot in store for their fans! Marginal #4, Lagrange Point and Unicorn Jr. will all get new singles and...