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Gekidan Altair SPRING FESTIVAL 2017 to be released on DVD this month

Gekidan Altair SPRING FESTIVAL 2017 is going to be released on DVD this month. The event held at NEW PIERHALL on 15/04/2017 and 16/04//2017, is finally going to be released on DVD. Gekidan Altair SPRING FESTIVAL 2017 counted with the presence of all their units: Sargas, Regulus and Rigel. The event was mainly a musical but there were parts in which it was...

Mamoru Miyano to feature on the cover of stage acting magazine “Sparkle”

Mamoru Miyano is one the cover of next month's Sparkle, magazine focused on stage acting. Mamoru Miyano shares the cover with Suzuki Hiroki and HIROSE TOMOKI, actors working alongside him on 髑髏城の七人 (Dokurojo no nana nin) , stage play that will premiere next month in Tokyo. Sparkle's cover is the following: A special interview and photoshoot is included. Sparkle Vol.32 is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN...

Seiyuu Digest #36 – Genki Okawa

Genki Okawa THTFHQ seiyuu digest
One of the most respected stage actors in Japan is none other than Genki Okawa.

Shouta Aoi “Himitsu no Kuchidzuke” – Details unveiled

News regarding Shouta Aoi's new single seem to have overtaken all media regarding Japanese seiyuu since his announcement this past weekend on twitter. Shouta comes back this year with a 3rd single titled「秘密のクチヅケ」(Himitsu no Kuchidzuke), scheduled to be released on 03/12/14. Shouta is penning and composing a track in this single, titled 「glitter_wish」, that will join "Himitsu no Kuchizuke" in this single's tracklist. The...

Shouta Aoi announces 3rd single

Great news for Shouta Aoi's fans! The talented seiyuu is back with more music in this last quarter of the year. Shouta Aoi has announced on his Twitter that he'll be releasing a new single, his 3rd so far and unveiled both the title as well as some details regarding it. The single is titled 「秘密のクチヅケ」(Himitsu no Kuchidzuke) and is scheduled...

Lagrange Point to release debut single this summer

Lagrange Point is the newest seiyuu unit around and they are making their debut this summer. This the second seiyuu unit under the wings of Japanese game label Rejet (mostly known for the Diabolik Lovers franchise), the other one being the rising seiyuu unit MARGINAL#4. Interesting enough Lagrange Point are related to that unit (Lagrange are Marginal#4 seniors) both units are...





Review | Jin Ogasawara “Only one thing”

Jin Ogasawara brings a nostalgic brand of rock to the spotlight with his debut digital single "Only one thing".
Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES

Review | BAE & Akkan Yatsura “Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES”

BAE and Akkan Yatsura bring a refreshing mix of funky and laidback vibes in Paradox Live Stage Battle "VIBES".
JET RAT FURY "MorningGlory"

Review | (2)you “MorningGlory”

(2)you's “MorningGlory” is a first full-length album with a strong identity and exciting punk-rock/punk-pop sound at its core.
KAGARIBI Judah Display cover

Review | Judah “Display”

Known as the most aggressive rocker - personality and sound - in the Dear Vocalist franchise, Judah ends up delivering the most romantic album in the franchise with "Display".

Review | Joshua “FLOWERS”

JOSHUA’s “FLOWERS” is an emotional rollercoaster of an album, with Nobunaga Shimazaki delivering a set of heartwrenching performances.