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Out this Week | Yuma Uchida “Y”, Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Charactanswer” and more

Big weak ahead with Yuma Uchida releasing his 3rd full-length album "Y", Toshiyuki Toyonaga making a comeback with "Charactanswer" and more.

Café Parade and Mofumofuen to release “CIRCLE OF DELIGHT” CDs in January

Café Parade and Mofumofuen are the next groups up in THE IDOLM@STER SideM franchise to participate in the "CIRCLE OF DELIGHT" CD series.

Seiyuu Digest #36 – Genki Okawa

One of the most respected stage actors in Japan is none other than Genki Okawa.

Shouta Aoi “Himitsu no Kuchidzuke” – Details unveiled

News regarding Shouta Aoi's new single seem to have overtaken all media regarding Japanese seiyuu since his announcement this past weekend on twitter. Shouta comes back...

Shouta Aoi announces 3rd single

Great news for Shouta Aoi's fans! The talented seiyuu is back with more music in this last quarter of the year. Shouta Aoi has...

Lagrange Point to release debut single this summer

Lagrange Point is the newest seiyuu unit around and they are making their debut this summer. This the second seiyuu unit under the wings of Japanese...