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SparQlew Live Tour 2021 ”Breath”: Osaka tour stops cancelled

SparQlew manage to complete half of their 1st live tour - SparQlew Live Tour 2021 ”Breath”. Unfortunately, the final 2 dates are cancelled.

SparQlew to hold their 1st live tour in 2021

SparQlew, talented quintet signed under Kiramune, are expected to kick off a live tour in 2021.

SparQlew cancel 1st live tour, announce special no-audience live

SparQlew's 1st solo tour is cancelled. However, not all is bad news, the talented quintet is going to hold a special no-audience live in August.

SparQlew unveil bonuses for “evergreen”

SparQlew unveiled the bonuses for their 2nd album, evergreen.

SparQlew confirm release date for “evergreen”

SparQlew announced the new release date for their upcoming album, evergreen. A snippet of SparQling Nova's music video...

SparQlew unveil details on “evergreen”

SparQlew unveiled the cover art and tracklist for their upcoming album, evergreen. evergreen was scheduled to be released...

SparQlew to embark on tour this summer

SparQlew are back on the road this summer. Kiramune announced that SparQlew are going to hit the road this summer...

SparQlew to release 2nd full-length album this spring

SparQlew are gearing up for a comeback this spring.
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